Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Love @ First sight...NAAH !!!!!

I know the topic says NAAH!! but there was a time when I was a very firm believer of this concept. The concept of falling in Love at the first sight of the girl.

A large part of my teen life was spent trusting in this holy concept. Being a bollywood movie fan and an true and honest admirer of movies like 'Mohabattein' i always believed that the day I meet the girl made for me, there would be signals from heaven. Something might happen and it would tell me that "Boy, this is the girl for you". The bell would ring and the heart would sing ' Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga'. I waited for that day for a long long time.

It actually came one day. I was in my junior college that time. I had a punjabi ( same caste as mine ..he he) family staying as the front door neighbours. They were visited by some relatives and a girl my age came to stay for 3-4 days. The first time i saw her, i went dumb-stuck. I paid no attention to the little girl who had actually knocked the door to come in. I stood there watching her and i thought i am in Love. The heart sang and the bell rang. ( the door bell ofcourse but still, it was a bell ). I tried to know as much as I can about her. I have an elder brother who was unmarried that time, so every time my mom saw a nice girl , she would like to know her for my bro. This time I had an OBJECTION. "why not me mom?", I Asked.

She went after 3 days and i was so sad.how can I meet her again. And then gradually I came back to earth. Within the next 7 days my interest reduced. I was no longer in Love ..he he. It was just, what we say, Infatuation. I came out of her. Even when I met her after a year, the bell didn't ring again..lol

With time, I matured. Realized Love can never happen like that. Love is something more beautiful, something more deep, something more mature.I laughed at guys who fell in love with a girl they knew nothing except their names. Wasn't it so comic. The guy goes and says, "Hi, I am 'X'.I love you.". The girl replies, "what did you say your name was?".

Ofcourse Love never happens at first sight. I came out of teens and understood what Love actually is. Though the bollywood inside me didn't go.I still believe in Love, but with a different bollywood theme. But this time I know, what I believe is what the truth is.

More about what I actually feel Love is. Maybe in some other posts. But " Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga...."



  1. hey, i know this story
    not to mention the blog is becoming more n more kapil with every passing post
    sucha fun n light topic n not 1 comment
    no fair
    wht u guys never been in love ??
    errr.... i mean the bell rag the heart sang kinda love... lol
    well it brought a smile on my face for sure.... after a hard days wrk (ya wrk !!!!)
    a more apt name for the post would be the process of evolution... hehehe
    but 2 things dat catch my attn is dat
    1. even back den u got overjoyed at the fact that she was a punjabi !!!!!
    how much more caste conscious can u get ?
    sidhe shaadi karni thi kya ? at 16-17 ? ya fir life tabhi bhi pyaari thi :P
    2. me being me have to doubt the underlying meanings to things. what thing ??..... socho.

    n i can only imagine ur mums reaction to the "why not me mum?" if at all u actually did dat. hehehe

    but nice post
    mazza aaya
    well constructed
    n i can c how u r trying to balance things out
    meeting public demand r we ?.........lol
    chalo atleast this way ppl will know u aint a dukhi aatma as such
    k now u r done with hate n love so wht next ??

  2. to frankly tell you i never got such kinda feeling so dnt really know...

    waise.... main believe bhi nahi karti ismain...

    how can you know a person in just one go..

    anyway i think everyone has their own opinion

  3. Ah Haan! An excitement topic this time...The topic steals the show Kapil...at least it has captivated my attention for sure.
    It seriously made me think once again ‘Love at First Sight?’ Naah! As u rightly say...But then why do we give that first sight a second look & a second thought (obviously the second look nullifies the feeling of the first one)...but still we all do it. After all it’s my thinking & whether u agree with it or not still remains to be answered by u.

    I must say Kapil this time u have come with not only an interesting topic(although a common 100 times discussed still a beguiled one) but also a lot of melioration in language proficiency, spelling mistakes as well as punctuation....Man u improving with time..!

    Every time I read ur blog, u make me wonder as to wot shall u come up with in ur next...U this time fascinated me with the topic, the style of presenting the content (‘The Kapil Factor’ was still being portrayed); short-sweet, kept to-the-point matter with dialogues & OMG a lyrics too...

    But I like the way u keep the topic selection inconsistent [Tu itna sochta bhi hai topic select karte waqt..Ya ainve hi maine tuje credit de diya topic ko lekar...lol:)]I know you must be thinking.

    Best Lines:
    The Heart sang & the Bell rang.
    Love is something more beautiful, something more deep, something more mature (VERY TRUE)

    Chalo iss topic se yeh toh pata chala ki tu pyaar shaar main believ karta hain warna tere Hate V/s Love main tune jiss tarag hate ka saath diya tha, maine soch liya tha pyar main iss bandhe ka koi vishwaas nahi hoga (lol)...

    I will look fwd to ur next topic & the content too (with/without ‘The Kapil factor, I am okay both the ways)...!

    Keep up the spirit & courage of writing & that too on a blog...Byee

  4. Kapil, how you doing buddy ?? ..

    I'm in Mysore for SAP/ABAP training so could not comment on ur earlier posts ..

    It's good that u r back to blogosphere ..

    Ahhh, about the blog subject, I also dont believe in love-at-first-sight .. It is alwat=ys a infectuation ..

  5. hmmm.. from a dukhi aatma to young teenage boy talking abt love..well it was fun to read your teenage romantic story.. and as u have said it.. LOVE is more mature then BELLS RINGING and getting SIGNALS from above..
    You definitely cannot know a person in one go.
    Nor can u love someone at the first sight without knowing his attitude and his behaviour, whether they are compatible with u or no..
    But whatever it is.. when u are meant to have a bond with someone,then without any reason feel for that person in a different way.. And you dodn even realise why your heart aches when that special person is away from you or is hurt.. It just happens.. Then whether it is first sight or tenth sight..it is there and meant to be there,.. FOR YOU.. AND ONLY YOU.. unless you jus don realise or value it..
    anyways.. nice topic.. and nice work..
    Keep writing.. waiting for your next blog..!!

  6. :) Cute story and nice conclusion. I'm a little older than you (ahem.. a lot!) and I can tell you that while you may care for a person or be infatuated with them... the kind of love that married couples feel after years of marriage only comes with time. Going through both good and bad experiences together creates a bond. Loving your blog...

  7. Thanks Mary...
    And I agree, Love matures with Time...


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