Saturday, 1 March 2014

Tryst with Destiny - SPJain PGPM Course


For some this might seem like a regular update from me, while others will be surprised to see the email. As part of an assignment in my management course
( yes we do get such weird assignments :-) ), I would like to explain the dilemma faced when I was taking a decision to join the course and my experiences after joining the course.

As some of you are aware, one of the main reasons I quit the USA assignment was to come back to stay in India with my parents. And that was my biggest consideration when I had an offer to join the full time residential one year Executive MBA course from one of the best B schools in India (SP Jain).
 But I also knew that if I had to grow at a pace faster than what I was now, the knowledge and skills associated with the degree was going to be a big boost.

Finances was also a big factor. The fees, though was within my reach because of my savings from aboard visits; but the priorities to spend that money was on the comfort I wished to provide my family with it.

However after many sleepless nights, support from my immediate family ( parents and Bro's family) and the thought of thinking long term coupled with the fact that I knew Fate had a part to play in me getting that offer, I decided to reward my hard work by accepting the offer.

Life in the B school has just started. Its just 2 months.But within these 2 months I have noticed that the course is not just gonna give me knowledge and skills or change my attitude but also giving me a chance to work on the many flaws I had in me. Specially the way the course was structured with so many activities forcing us to undergo reflection on our life so far and what we want out of it.

I already have my resolutions and one of those is to be very focused of what I want and not be distracted by the environment. Ofcouse in a B school where every Admit thinks he had the potential to lead and never want to follow, people management and ignoring or eliminating noise is something I am learning quick.

This probably may be the best decision I took in Life, may be not, time will tell. But I am sure the year 2014 is going to be exciting, is going to be full of all sorts of learning and might be LIFE CHANGING.

Hoping for the BEST.

Kapil Gosain