Monday, 8 June 2009

Every Coin has 2 Sides

There are times i wonder, whether this sayin 'every coin has 2 sides' is an understatement.its such a mildly put statement to one of the biggest facts of life.Coz like coins i feel every human also has 2 sides. a good side and a bad all depends on what side are u actually looking at or what side of his is he trying to show.We cant be good to all in this world.Its as simple as that.
It was so difficult for me to accept some silly facts.I kept wondering how can sumone like this guy\girl ?? I totaly hate that person. I cant stand his [ il be using male pronouns but it stands for both genders ;-) ] face but there are others who like him.How can u even tolerate him forget liking him, is what i keep askin myself and at times to the person also if he is my good fren. They can point out his good qualities.Ok agreed there are a very fre good qualities in him but still yaar...And thats when i realize like every coin having 2 sides, even every human has. So its not my fault that i hate him.I jus happen to see his bad side or may be he is showing me his bad side. May be he is good to only a selected few and m not a part of that elite list. May be others just have the quality to pick out good in everybody.
I am amazed at such people. How can u not hate anybody??? Its not that they dont hate, its jus that they dont show.A nice quality. I wana get this one but i fail miserably.And then there are certain things which others can take and i cant. I hate people braging while some others can just tolerate it. I try so many times to look at the person with a positive outlook but the negative energy coming out of him betas me and i totalyy hate them.Myfault is to show them that somethings wrong.
One big quality that i should posses is diplomacy and patience. It seems the world teaches dis to all. No, dats wrong, this world dint teach this to me. I havent learned it yet. No matter how hard i try and then i feel like a fool.Why is it so hard to digest such things. There are so many who would hate me and i dont hate myself at all ( well at times i do).Well there are a few other people also excluding me who like me. With me as an example itself i can say that its such a common phenomenon. Still one of the mysteries. There might be sumthing which makes me hate him or love him.Why is that i expect most of them to think like me. I shouldnt be doing that.
I have to learn a few things very fast now.
1) keep it to urself if u hate somebody. Reveal it to only very very few people who are ur very good frens.
2) be diplomatic. dont be straight on the face.
3)Accept the fact that men are dogs.We are a bloody fraternity who behaves differntly wiith the opposite sex.
4) dont think and analyze so much. Let some people jus t go to hell.Wow ..the 4th learning should be practiced very fast. That would make me happy soon. More human pshycology bullshit and my silly thougts to follow.


  1. yes u are right.. every person has both the qualities.. and it is human nature.. u can not be good to all.. or feel the same for all.. but even after knowing the negative qualities u shld learn to accept them,the way u do for positive ones.. rather than creating hatred for that person.. jus be normal and not react to his qualities.. in todays professional world u cannot jus blurt things out.. u have to learn to be tactful.. atleast hold ur tongue where u shld and move out of the place quietly.

  2. Now thats a suggestion. But it would have made more effect if it would come from a name and not anonymous

  3. ladki saamne rakho - diplomacy barabar niklegi... heheheh

    but on a more serious note if life changes u in th natural process den good, but u'd rather not make extra efforts to change urself for the general public, coz if a person has decided in his mind dat he doesnt like you, no matter wht u do he still wont. u will only end up making a fool of urself in the process.

    rather than kissing ass n still gettin treated badly, kick ass n get treated badly

    n u think if u change urself n get ppl to accept u, does dat acceptance actually matter?
    is dat real acceptance? do dey really like u ? dey just seem to have accepted the person tht u r pretending to be. n how long can u possibly keep up the pretence.

    moral of the story-u dont actually need to change urself acc to ppls whims n fancies coz if u dont fit into 1 particular group coz of the way u r, u'll always find another 1 where u fit

    let ppl love u or hate u for the real person tht u r coz the bottom line at the end of the day is dat u cannot rlly please everybody.

    so learn to be happy with ur crowd

    live in ur own ivory tower. where only the ppl who u liken the 1s who like u xists. suddenly the ppl dat u spk about wudnt matter n u'd be happier.

    "keep it to urself if u hate somebody. Reveal it to only very very few people who are ur very good frens"------------hate is a very strong emotion in itself. y give ppl dat much importance by publicly declaring tht u have invested emotions in them.

    "2) be diplomatic. dont be straight on the face."----------the choice is simple, be a diplomat or get a peaceful nights sleep

    "3)Accept the fact that men are dogs.We are a bloody fraternity who behaves differntly wiith the opposite sex"----- i freaking hell agree man, but den agn der r xceptions to every rule, n every man who thinks he is 1 is SOOOOO not


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