Thursday, 26 May 2011

Top 10 Bollywood Dialogues of all time!!!

 I would have started watching alot of Hollywood movies these days and I am completely taken over by the way they are made. The war movies or sci-fi movies are something we may not be capapble of, but they always say that a man never forgets his first love and my first love was bollywood. So here in this post I would like to give you the top 10 bollywood dialogues of all time in 2 categories.
The first 5 dialogues are from the powerful category. Dialogues which have attitude , arrogance, determination and a sense of power.
1) 'Gabbar K taap se tumhe ek hi aadmi bacha sakta hai, aur wo hai khud Gabbar'
     This dialogue from the evergreen movie Sholay was among the top five in this category. Amzad khan lived like a legend and the dialogue shows his ferocity.
2) 'Don k dushman ki sabse badi galti yeh hai ki wo Don ka dushman hai'
    Again A bad boy dialogue from the movie Don where Amitabh proves why he was known as the angry young man for years.
3) ' Ae Iqbal, Tune kaha tha na ki apne Ghar main toh kutta bhi sher hota hai. Dekh main tujhe yahan ye batane aaya hoon ki Sher jahan bhi jaata hai na, wohi uska ghar hota hai'
   Not many may know this but this was from the movie Kurukshetera where Sanjay Dutt plays the role of an honest ACP fighting the whole world for what he feels is right. Somehow this dialogue has been my ever favorite and as teenagers was most widely used by me and my bro. :-)
4) ' Jo peechle 25 saal main nahi hua wo ab hoga'
   Who can forget this one from the movie Deewar. The confidence from Amitabh in this dialogue makes it among the top 5.
5) 'Peter, tum log mujhe wahan dhoond rahe the aur main tumhara yahan intezaar kar raha tha'
   Again fomr the movie Deewar delivered by the angry young man. The challenge and confidence makes it among the top 5 in thie category.

Next 5 dialogues are the most romantic dialogues I felt Bollywood has given us. Romance and other emotions together in the next classic 5.

1) 'Mohabbat bhi zindagi ki tarah hoti hai, har mod assan nahi hota, har mod pe khushiyan nahi hoti, lekin jab hum zindagi ka saath nahi chodte toh mohabbat ka kyu? '
   One of the best dialogues from the movie Mohabbatein delivered by SRK. This should be used as a testament and should be asked by every person in the world who is in a relationship to read it daily 5 times during the day. Its a slap in the face to people who have made affairs and relationships just a matter of fun or timepass and keep changinf bf or gf like clothes.
2) 'Tumne us se pyaar karne se pehle ye shart toh nahi rkahi thi ki wo bhi tumse pyaar karegi, Mohabbat main sharteing nahi hoti, toh afsos bhi nahi hona chaiye'
  Again from the same movie...Another classic
3)  'itni shiddat se maine tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki koshish ki hai....kehte hai agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho toh poori kaynath tumhein usse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai...aap sabne mujhe meri chahat se mila diya...thanks, thanks very much, kehte hai ki filmon ki tarah hamari zindagi mein bhi end tak sab theek hee ho jaata hai..happys endings...aur agar theek naa ho toh woh the end nahi, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost...'
    Need I say more about this dialogue again by SRK from the movie Om shaanti Om. Use this for any thing in this world and not just love. The dialogue has determination, romance, hope and all that you can think of my personal favorites.
4) ' Suri tani ko hasane k liye raj ban sakta hai, dance kar sakta hai..lekin pyaar toh tani ko suri se hi karna hoga, wo jaisa hai, waisa hi '
  This is my favourite. From the movie Rab ne Bana di jodi where he explaind that though a guy can do all sort of thins to please the girl what he really expects the girl is to love him and accept him the way he is. He may be boring, may not be a race car car driver or adventurous type, may be he is a simple mature person but find the good in him and love him for that. Dont try to change people. Accept them and love them

I would keep the 5th one vacant and would like you all to post in your personal fav and I would enter the best one :-)
Also please do not mind if the dialogues are not word to word perfect. These are from my memory and I did not refer or watch the movie again to check the coreect word to word dialogue.


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Your View or Mine??

           I love watching 'The Big Bang Theory'. Specially Sheldon who has an opinion about everything and would never feel or accept that he is wrong. His behavior creates comedy that people enjoy so much but these days I have come across people who behave the same and in real life, It is more of a frustration than Comedy. Perhaps Sheldon can do it as he has an IQ of above 180 and has achieved alot in his young age, plus its reel life. The same when done in real life by people as ordinary as you and me irritates.

           I am one of those fools who do like to give their opinions to people if I have one. I am not blessed with the kind of people who have the patience and the maturity to say "Jane de" (Forget it man!!) whenever they come across a nerd who is not open to opinions. I always felt that perhaps I need to make the other person aware that there is a different view to the same thing and It has led me to many arguments with people.

            It is good to be firm of your beliefs but when it comes to a point where your mind somehow gets closed to all other opinions that do not match yours is certainly not a good point to reach. We forget that modesty is a great virtue. Alot was achieved even before we were born and alot may be achieved by others who will be born later. Keeping our minds closed to others is like the frog who stays in the well. He may be the king of the well but outside there is a whole different world to be faced.

            Recently I had a discussion with someone who was not ready to accept the fact that no single person or thing can be blamed for a vicious circle of society. The argument led to a point where he started stating that if you do not have solutions ,you should not speak of problems. Perhaps he wanted to curb our fundamental right of speech. It later ended when I quit arguing. They taught me in school that one should never argue with a fool as people watching may not know the difference. Somehow I always forget that. Also one of the disadvantages of arguing with people who do not have an open mind is that they get personal which then becomes unhealthy argument.

           However this seems to be the biggest concern I have today about people. Why are we not ready to accept opinions that do not match ours. Why cannot we have an open mind which might learn alot when we hear others talking. I have always felt that when I listen to people who do not match my opinions, It always teaches me something. I being a big Congress hater always blamed Gandhi and Congress for partition. However in a recent argument with my roomie, he spoke that India was already divided by British and so these guys are not to be blamed. With his one sentence I realised how I was not thinking of events prior to 1920s and It opened my mind. I learnt alot. I always felt that if you argue with an open mind and try keeping your personal beliefs aside, they will be a good learning event.

            Perhaps it is time I need to decide that either I quit giving opinions and let people just believe in what they do by touching one part of the Elephant or I decide that lets play dirty. Perhaps maturity teaches you to do the former and youth do the latter. This seems to be a quaterlife crisis question now.. lol


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Facebook vs Blogging

        Recently I read one of my friend’s blog which mentioned how a blog can be used to know a person more. As blogging is something that is done to express your thoughts about topics you may or may not discuss with others. That was quite a nice way to look at it. And that provoked my mind to compare these two. The all time favourite Facebook versus blogging.
        I agree that these 2 sites or features may be different but there are plenty of similarities too. Both are used to communicate on a social level and both can be used to express your ideas and you moments of life across to the general society. And still the level of these 2 are so different. I can vaguely compare it to our telecom revolution. Blogging is like Vodafone few years back when they charged incoming calls too whereas facebook was like Reliance, Everybody had one irrespective of one's needs and status. Similarly everyone these days have a facebook profile, even people I know who cannot pronounce the word computer correctly and may not know anything about it except switching it on and using Facebook.
     The biggest difference I saw between them was truth. A Facebook profile is mostly used to display to the world about all the good things of your life and it’s all about how 'cool' your life is. It is a bunch of lies with public display of affection to showcase to the world. Heights were reached when I see a few people having a romantic conversation with their loved ones on Facebook and wishing their parents happy anniversary on Facebook. In the need to be showcased as something you are not, people have broken the social laws that at one time dominated in our culture. And it looks like the need of the hour. It has gone to the extent that prominent psychologists believe that many of us are suffering from what they call 'facebook envy syndrome'
    Blogging on the other hand is a display of your thoughts and emotions that are true to yourself. It is about spreading the ideas you want to share. There is no need to have your best pic on display or list out all your tiny achievements of life. It requires some serious thought process to blog. I would so agree that to really know a person check out the blogs of that person rather than a social networking profile.

    I am not a person who hates social networking sites. As a human I also feel the need to showcase the world that what a 'cool' guy I am (I can also fake it if you think I am not like others fake . It definitely also has a few advantages like it reminds you of birthdays. Cause it hurts me that every year I forget to wish my oldest chuddy buddy Parashar on his birthday. I am very bad with dates and he knows that and still he believes in all the excuses I give him to be late.( sorry you).

   One of the other similarity is like facebook blogging can also help you keep in touch with your friends. The only thing is most people do not realize that like being a friend on facebook has no major implications similarly being a follower on blogs is also just to keep in touch and know when they post their thoughts. People however take the word 'follow' too seriously. they would avoid that though you would never avoid adding someone as a friend. Anyway, thats people, I am drifting from the topic :-)

  With both being compared in my mind I have no doubts to agree that I would always give more importance to someone's blogs to know the real person. And knowing the real person in the world where we fake so much would definitely be more worthy.