Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Kya hoti haiii ‘Utaran’

Strange title na!! the blog was getting too negative so I opted for change. But No that’s not the only reason why I am writing this post. For people who do not know, let me introduce the title.’ Utaran’ is the name of a daily soap on the channel ‘colors’ and the title is the last line of the serial’s title song. Now for people who know me, please do not assume that finally the world has driven me to insanity and so I am watching and even writing about soap operas.

Let me give you a brief about the soap. Its based on 2 girls loving and fighting for the same guy. Now everybody knows one of them is a vamp and other the heroine. Its strange that in normal life I only see guys fighting for girls. Lucky Guy I must say or else where in our country where you have only 923 females for 1000 males do we find such cases. Ohh, I am getting diverted. Let’s continue the brief about the soap. It is actually based on one of the stories of our most famous Hindi novelist ‘ Premchand’.

One of the very strong reasons why I felt like writing about this soap was cause our beloved Mr. premchand wrote a story and finished it. He couldn’t think of more than that, but our soap scriptwriter has gone past the original story and came up with more ideas. Introducing more characters of which one is our main hero’s brother. Strangely the future says that this brother is going to fall in love with the same girl whom our hero loved. Oops, did I spill the beans?? No!! everybody knows that..lol. My father keeps saying this particular dialogue from one of the movies which goes like “ Jahan premchand ka dimaag kaam karma band kar diya wahan se scriptwriter ne sochna shuru kar diya”. Ofcourse its sarcasm as he is one of Premchand’s Fan.

Back on the story, Our hero is now forcibly married to the vamp. Its actually this which has given the scriptwriter the scope to arrange love between the good heroine and our hero’s brother. If its getting confusing, then trust me I am able to pen down the serial very nicely. One of the other interesting facts about the soap is that the vamp looks and acts much much better than the heroine. Rather the inability of the heroine to fight and her classy dialogue delivery (pun intended) makes her so irritating. I don’t think even Tulsi Virani cried as much as she does. Also we had a sizzling dance number by the vamp to seduce our hero which was above our TV standards. On discussion of this particular scene with my friend only did I realize that it’s a serial which is very popular and deserves some place in the blog.

Like every soap I know how its going to end. Its going to be over immediately as it loses its TRP. They cannot bring the story to an end cause THERE IS NO STORY at all…If this post has brought some interest please do watch this serial. it comes daily at 10 PM. After all, all married people force others to marry as they do not want to be the only people who suffer. So please watch it.

PS: I do not watch this serial but like 60% of the male brethren I am forced to watch it as its dinner time and we do have females in our house.

No, I am not ending it with my regular Cheers!
I would rather say “ Kisika jeevan sapna hai, kisika sapna hai utaran;
Wo nahi samjhe abhi, Kya hoti haiiiii UTARAN”!!!!!