Thursday, 18 June 2009

How to be a Super Cook in 21 minutes

Hey guys, this blog will be a teaching to all those who feel cooking is a difficult job. Trust me guys, its is a simple point to point programme and i can turn you into a SUPER COOK* within 21 minutes. Yes, just 21 minutes and you would be able to cook anything and everything*.

1) Decide on what is to be cooked.( any dish man, just think of it)
2) Cut the vegetables required. Choose frozen and already cut vegetables to make it more easy.
3) Cut an onion and a tomato.
4) Pour some oil in the pan.
5) Fry onions and tomatoes for some time.
6) Add turmeric powder, salt and chilli powder as per your taste requirements. If you have any other powder, add that as well.
7) Add vegetables and water.
8) Stir, boil and enjoy

Its so simple and you can cook anything using the above 8 steps and i mean it. ANYTHING

*Conditions Apply:
1) You have to be a kind of person who can eat anything ( Just like i am)
2) Please don't be fussy about food
3) Everything will taste the same. Be it chicken or capsicum.
4) Trust yourself that you cannot have food poisoning if its cooked at home :-)
5) Better to avoid bragging that you are a super cook. Its mostly for self motivation

Keep Cooking guys. Enjoy. Remember you are a super cook after reading this.


  1. ffffiiiiinnnnnaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyy
    i shud personally thnk u for venturing on something like this
    altho short but coming from u even this musta been a lotta wrk

    paisa vasool post
    i loved the part abt adding any other powder dat i have
    rlly made me think

  2. Thanks yaar...
    and i mean it any powder except Talcum powder or washing powder

  3. well well... this is something really unlike Mr. Kapil Gosain.. person who once i suppose was so pampared,almost been spoon fed.. is now talking abt cooking.. abt vegetables, spices.. and more over cutting onions.. ooooppss!!!! have ur eyes stopped watering now wid onions???
    Man.. i should say i am impressed... that too to a great deal.. good work boy!!!
    And hope to taste some of ur delicacies someday... like... SHAHI MUSHROOM PULAO WID CREAM... LOL!!!

  4. Cool funda yaar...Aasan cooking hai....I m totally impressed with ur 8 steps idea Mr. Chef...Hats off to this new cooking made easy in 8 steps invention.


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