Sunday, 14 June 2009

The battle of life- Present Perfect Continuous

Yes, I know that everybody knows this.We all know life is a battle. A present perfect continuous tense is what my English teacher taught me. Any thing that is present and we know its in the continuous form is present perfect continuous tense. No, i am not going into English literature. My point is life and the battle that we go through for it.
I remember studying the law 'Survival of the fittest' . So true. Ain't the battle just for survival. The meaning of survival changes from person to person. For the poor, its actually surviving life. For the rich, its to survive the hype and glamour surrounded by money. But its all to survive. We battle for money, feelings everything cause we need the best for ourselves.
The times when we are losing this battle, we are sad. We say struggling with life, trying to cope up for the demands. And when we are winning we are happy. though at such times we forget that its still a battle. Just a battle WON. And like everything, we paid a cost for it. A cost to Win and to be happy.
I have heard a lot of people complaining about life ( count me IN) but then why do we forget that we didn't have an option. we are forced into it. the best way out is to fight and win. Yes we are stressed, we are frustrated and fed up but that makes the win more sweeter. Its not the Win actually that makes us happy, its cause of the struggle that we feel happy about it. The struggle was so much more important. And won't it be very boring if we didn't have to. Life would be so monotonous and boring without the ups and downs of it.
I know we all are constantly fighting, its only at times i realize that more the struggle, more the happiness that would be coming when its over. Finally its a circle. Suddenly i feel Circle was the most important geometrical figure made. Off late i can feel i can compare everything with circle. Maybe i can write something on this figure also someday. But back on Life, I bet i would get anybody stating that his/her life has not being a battle. and i am sure if you don't feel so, you will not be happy with your life.
I have started feeling the more i struggle the more it;s going to make me happy. And with Life, I am ready to fight. The more you try to beat me, the more i would be motivated to fight. You can make me fall but you cannot keep me down. I will rise and fight again and mind you its not going to be over in 10 rounds like boxing. So before you knock me out for the last time, which can be death, i am going to knock you out many many times and be happy about it.
I am ready to fight. Keep attacking.

PS: After my last blog , a dear friend asked if I knew there was a movie with the name ' The pursuit of happyness' (Note: its not a spelling mistake. the movie is named so). I declined and was forced to watch it. I recommend it to all others as well. Worth a watch


  1. Wel i agree with wat u have to say.. that life is a struggle and the spirit to fight and not give up keeps this struggle alive.. but don you think you are running round the bush and that both your topics in pursuit of happiness and battle of life- present perfect continous are somewhere similar topics and have same thing to say.. that life is a battle.. fight it and find happiness in everything you do!!

  2. like the attitude man !!!
    reminds me of the sher

    "girtey hai sheh sawar hi maidaane jung me, woh tifl kya girengey jo ghutno k bal chaltey ho"

    n m happy to know dat u have started to enjoy the struggle n want more of it. n u know its all worth it, coz if u deal with it all, at the end of the day u'd be so proud of urself when u look back to c wht all u have survived thru the day...

    keep up the attitude man. coz der r just 2 ways of dealing with detractors, ignore em or take em down. taking em down is more fun, altho u may get hurt in the bargain, but somehow it just seems worth it at the end...


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