Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Why India should NOT win the world cup

         Cricket is a common religion for all Indians and the world cup is its biggest sporting event. To win the world cup is similar to a Hindu having a bath in the holy Ganga or to a Muslim going for Haj. Even before the world cup started or let me put it in this way, even before our stadiums were ready for the world cup matches there were people all across media on why India should win the world cup. We are the strongest team, home grounds and Sachin's Last world cup so let us win it for him and bla bla....All reasons on why we should win the world cup. Just thought of sharing the other side of the coin and my thoughts on why India should NOT win the world cup!!!

         Let us start with wining it for Sachin. I completely agree that if Cricket is religion then Sachin is GOD. Ideally we would have read in all holy books that how GOD wanted us to be a Hindu or Muslim or Christian. Realistically we created these religion and named GOD in different words and gave him different forms. The concept here with Sachin is same. Ideally it should be Sachin who should make India win the world cup. But we humans have become so practical and realistic that like we made religion for God we now want to win the world cup for Sachin. I agree he is one person who deserve to have the world cup trophy in his hand, but then let him win it for India. Alas it is a team game though we may have examples on one person playing extra ordinarily well to get the team the cup but still one man cannot do it.

     They say we are the strongest team. Lets smile on this. Are we not always the strongest team on papers, but realistically we have a bowling attack that is not capable of taking 10 wickets in a match. lets keep Zaheer as an exception, we do not have a second seam bowler we can rely on to put in 10 overs. Munaf has become a medium pacer and may get injured even as we read this post. Nehra is not match fit and Sreesanth will never be economical. Even the spinners for that matter are not doing too well. You cannot rely on the top order to make enough runs every time and the margin with which we are winning matches is a proof of that. Not to mention we do not have a good middle order and lower order is a waste of time including Dhoni. I know my elder brother who did not play for any club would be able to spend more time on the crease and make more runs then the lower order batsman.

     Lets talk about the peoples fav Dhoni. He may be a good wicketkeeper and batsman though I have my doubts since I have not seen him play a match wining innings for a along time now but I am sure he is not a good captain. He is just a lucky gambler. He does not have the capability to read the game like a captain should and relies solely on his gambling tactics. Its time his gambling would stop paying off and his luck will run out. I have not seen him lead the team or think 10 overs ahead of the game like Steve Waugh or Saurav Ganguly did. He has failed to get the right 11 in the team because of his constant favouritism on certain players. And it will not be long when some captains might start pointing out how he has used Raina for fielding in all the games played so far.There is no end where I can stop giving examples of his mistakes as a Captain. I know a plenty of people will support him and to counter them I would give these examples as a response to the comments.

     If you are wondering how losing the world cup is going to help, then you are not aware of the Indian mentality that goes with the cup.We lose and only then will we realize that we need to correct some mistakes. I strongly feel Dhoni doesn't deserve to lead and if we win then he would be the captain for long which is not good. Cricket is not gambling.IPL might have brought a lot of entertainment and money but only if we NOT win the world cup will we realize that we need batsman who can survive 50 overs. ODI s are not hit and miss. It is the next best thing after test match cricket. ( I know that sentence is funny cause we just have 3 forms of cricket but I just want to emphasize the point)

    So these are reasons why I feel we should NOT win the world cup so that we come up with a better captain and team which may be capable of wining the world cup on talent and not luck. You are free to comment your thoughts on the post and world cup. I do not ensure to convince you but I assure I will answer your doubts :-)