Monday, 8 June 2009

Hate- A feeling as strong as Love

Wow, i like the subject line. i can say the subject line was one of my masterpieces. :-)But on a serious note, i have thought about this for a long long time.we find so many books and literature on Love, but we underestimate its counterpart, HATE.
I personally believe the feeling of hating sumbody is as strong as love. There are so many similarities in both the feelings. when we do either of the one we have that person invoved i our life and we allow that person to interfere in our personal space.Space that we keep for ourselves.the person os constanly in our mind. And for people like me, we constantly have them in our conversations. Unlike many i dont keep my hatred secret. I am among the few fools in the world who just cant keep this feeling as a secret. both love and hate is easily seen.Its difficult to hide both.The feeling is so strong like love that at times we forget to use our brains. Like love even hatred comes stright from the heart.It has the capapbility to change our moods. It has the capability for people to do what they woildnt have normally.Most of us would take hate to be a negative feeling. Though it is but its strength cannot be underestimated.
I may be seen as a cynic for praising this feeling so much but one of the statistical survey ( sources undefined ) say that we dislike 95 % of the people we meet.Now thats a figure. I was amazed and so relieved when i got to know this. Coz there are times when i see the so called practical people around me who keep sayin, i like all, all are good, i dont dislike anyone. There is one thing that i know about such people. They are very good in hiding emotions. or maybe just too afriad to admit it.I thout for a few days, coz of such people ofcourse, that maybe there is some problem with me and so i dont like so many people. But i was wrong.Its common, Just that i show it and others hide.That reminds me, the feeling of HATE , like love, is also mutual from both sides. I have hardly seen one person hating the other but the other not doing that in return. Gandhiji was the last known person to do that but i dont feel dat to be true. He might have hated the british rulers, And dint he do that in hatred when he was thrown out of the train in south africa. Hate halps u achieve alot. Hitler hated jews and that made him one of the most powerful persons of the century. So its not only Love that helps u succeed, its even hate. we have two extremely oppsite examples of such people and theri feeling of hate in Gandhi and Hitler.
May be people would say the words dislike and hate are different from each other. They say i dislike that person but i dont hate him. Now i don understand how? Well the breed of so called practical people are also often haerd saying that i neither like that person nor do i dislike. Now thats as good as sayin, m neither alive nor m i dead. Anyways thats the majority in todays world, people who neither like nor dislike.Not for me but, if i dont dislike or hate i say i like that person and same holds true viceversa.Too much written for hate. that too when i was in no mood to hate anybody.
But the message to be conveyed is, Common guys its normal to hate, admit it. and dont underestimate hate. One day m gonna be a big person in life, thanksto many such people whom i hate. they help me as mmuch as the people i love help. So thanks to all thos epeoplewhom i hate. And no wonder i am in a better position then many people coz i have 2 kinds of people who support me, People whom i love and people whom i hate, whereas the others only have the love kinds..
Cheers to HATRED


  1. Wel hatred is as strong as love.. but hatred teaches u to put others down.. in the process u forget ur principles.. u fall to a level much below than wat u wld have risen to if u wld love someone and try to achieve the same objective.. wid love u conquer purity.. and wid hatred you losetrue part.. whether hide or display ur hatred.. it doesn matter.. wat matters is how cheap that feeling is making u.. Love guides u to the right part.. coz wen u hate someone u jus wan to achieve.. but wen u love u wan to acheive plus rise in the eyes of the one u love.. hatred even being as strong as love.. is not the same..

  2. omg
    its finally happening
    m rubbing off on u
    u seem to be speaking MY mind
    he he he
    but jokes apart
    not taking any credit away from u, it did indeed make a lotta sense
    + ur writing skills seem to be on a upswing
    kudos darling
    keep going
    ur only gonna get better

    the difference between dislike n hate is the same of dat between like n love
    u like a lot of ur male frnds but u dont love them do ya
    u can dislike n disapprove of a lotta ppl n a lotta things, but u dont necessarily need to give them so much imp in ur life so as to HATE them. logo ko hate karne me bhi bahut energy jaati hai. kyu waste karne ka :P

    n ur right in ur last para.
    dat its more coz of the ppl tht hate u tht u go ahead in life.
    mebbe u wanna teach em a lesson or prove ur point.
    whteva d reason be, u r more driven as to wht u wud have been around d ppl u love.
    its just tht love keeps us so content with life tht sumtimes v dont find d motivation to strive for more coz v have wht v want.

    but lastly HATE is ok only as long as u r capable of shaking off the -ve energy n moving on ahead.
    ur doomed if u start obsessing abt the ppl or things tht u hate. (psst psst take note)

  3. Hi....
    Well u know me still I would like to keep myself as anonymous.........I keep that 4 u to decide that whether i m ur well wisher or a person who really hates u...U write up made me realize that what is the essence of hatred.
    It is a gr8 write up not becoz u had penned down something but becoz u have tried an untalked section of human emotion"HATRED"


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