Tuesday, 21 December 2010

That 'ONE' Person

I thought hard to give this post the best start that I could give. Thought of all the high fandu big words and adjectives I knew. Searched my brain with all the vocab I know of. I would be talking of a very important person in this article. And so I pondered on all the ways to make a best possible start. Soon I realised that no words can make it possible. Words are never enough to describe the best possible feeling and the best possible person. At least I am not capable of doing so. So this is how I start and I will go about telling you what I actually mean when I talk about that 'one' person in our life.

We all have one such person who brings out the best within us. Who is the actual reason for us being what we are today. This special person may be in different roles for each one of us.Some have this person as idols they follow, some parents and for most its the person they love. For most of us, this person is the one we look up to whenever we are down. They come in our life when we are down and depressed. When we have been bruised in the battle of life. That one person comes and picks us up back, helps us stand on our own feet, helps us get back our lost confidence and charm and makes us what we are today. And they accept us as we are. People say everybody changes with time. But when that change is to reciprocate the unconditional love and care we receive, its all fair and such changes are never felt as a burden.

Life has never been fair and will never be. Its the same with people around. If you say you just like everybody around then either you are lying or you really do not care about anyone. With scorpions that is not the case. We have a strong sense of likes and dislikes. At times when we do not see many people around who can be liked, this one person is enough. That one person understand the unspoken words, knows the hidden feelings and is aware of the true meaning behind the words. Life would have been really difficult in the absence of that one person. We do not have to pose or be formal in front of them. We do not have to mince words in front of them. We can be our true self which has become so difficult to be these days. And that one person still loves us, cares for us and is there for us.

It is this one person whom you think of whenever you are sad. And it is this one person you are free to talk anything that you want. We have many songs that go on and on about such people in our life but I like a few lines which I would like to quote from a old bollywood song from the movie Junglee.

"Tumne mujhko hasna sikhaya,
Rone kahoge ro lenge ab.
Aansoo ke humare gum na karo,
wo behte hai toh behne do.
mujhe tumse mohabbat ho gayi hai,
mujhe palko ki chav main rehne do"
"Chahe bana do, chahe mita do,
Mar bhi gaye toh denge duyaein."

For those who are not good with Hindi, use google translator.

So guys and girls, as soon as you read this think of that one person in your life who gives you the comfort of being loved in this world and go and tell that person that you love them and that they are special in your life. Do not wait for an occasion to say it. Cause I am sure if not for that 'one' person in your life, life would have been more difficult than it is now. And those who feel you still do not have that one person in your life yet, maybe the time has not yet come when you need them the most.

 And for those who feel I have still not been able to justify the importance of that one person. Blame it on my inability to do so.


Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Nira Radia Tapes

            They kept on coming. We kept on receiving them. It was 2G spectrum scam first, we said 'Ohh' ; then came Adarsh scam and LIC housing scam, we said 'Ohh dear' and now comes the best ‘the Nira Radia tapes controversy’. For those who are not aware of this latest issue as they might be busy in their lifes ignoring our beloved (sarcasm this time) country, Nira Radia is the owner of a PR firm and her phone conversations ,with the top corporate and top but disgusting mediapersons, were tapped and leaked which is creating quite a drama.
            I would strongly recommend you guys to listen to these phone conversations which are easily available on youtube. Not that we are not aware that we have a country with maximum corrupt people, but listening to substantial proofs for the lobbying that happens in the corporate and political world and the way the media guys as well as judicial system is biased and flawed just makes me hang my head in shame in front of people whom I lecture for the greatness of my country.
            In the whole saga, the best thing to happen was that Ratan Tata came out clean.In his entire conversation he was just being good to Nira who happens to be the PR person for the tata group. Even Prabhu Chawala for that matter, though personally was not involved but his comments on the Ambani brothers and speaking about how even the Supreme court justice can be bought for a favourable decision cannot be ignored. If he is certain and has proofs that it happens why did he not bring all this to the public. Is that is not what the people expect from the media guys? And why are the media guys and media channels not showing this news again and again as they do for all others. For everything else they have a Breaking News, but this news has a black out. None except Karan Thapar dared to host a debate on this issue.
           And now let’s talk about the bigger devils. Will Barkha dutt and Vir Sanghvi ever be able to host an interview or show  with their heads held high again? Are you guys not a disgrace to society? Barkha Dutt seems more like a Congress Lobbyist trying to talk to people to get her people on the ministries. Not to mention that Congress is corrupt and is known for her ways to fool the country to vote for them.The way it was discussed clearly shows that we do not allocate ministry to people on merit. Ya, I know its not a big revelation for Indian Politics but trying to fool the masses is definitely a crime. Both Vir and Barkha clearly talked about manipulating the message that they want to send across to the general public. What we feel as an unbiased interview by these journos is no better than any of the reality shows hosted by entertainment channels. They fool the people by saying it is real, but it is all scripted.
         When one of my friends went into her third year Mass media degree, she had to opt between advertisement and journalism. I was a strong supporter of her going into journalism so that she can ask questions that the common man needs an answer to. She opted to advertisement. I am glad today. In one of the conversations, these journalists talk about the Ambani brothers case and say this is not good got national interest. I would like to know who gave these bloody cheats (pardon my language) the right to decide what’s good for the nation. You decide and then you manipulate the masses to believe in your thoughts. What a shame!
        In the past I have spoken about our ability to be a super power with the change in the attitudes of the people. Now I realize it will not be an easy job. A country where the people we trusted to take care of the society, the media persons and the judges, go hand in hand with the corrupt politicians is going way ahead in darkness. Next time when someone tells me he opts not to stay in India as he needs his children to grow in a society that is not biased and where the masses are not fooled, I would have nothing to do except hang my head in shame. Thanks to guys like Barkha Dutt, Nira Radia and Vir Sanghvi. And even if you come out clean, we now know how you would have managed to do that.