Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Love @ First sight...NAAH !!!!!

I know the topic says NAAH!! but there was a time when I was a very firm believer of this concept. The concept of falling in Love at the first sight of the girl.

A large part of my teen life was spent trusting in this holy concept. Being a bollywood movie fan and an true and honest admirer of movies like 'Mohabattein' i always believed that the day I meet the girl made for me, there would be signals from heaven. Something might happen and it would tell me that "Boy, this is the girl for you". The bell would ring and the heart would sing ' Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga'. I waited for that day for a long long time.

It actually came one day. I was in my junior college that time. I had a punjabi ( same caste as mine ..he he) family staying as the front door neighbours. They were visited by some relatives and a girl my age came to stay for 3-4 days. The first time i saw her, i went dumb-stuck. I paid no attention to the little girl who had actually knocked the door to come in. I stood there watching her and i thought i am in Love. The heart sang and the bell rang. ( the door bell ofcourse but still, it was a bell ). I tried to know as much as I can about her. I have an elder brother who was unmarried that time, so every time my mom saw a nice girl , she would like to know her for my bro. This time I had an OBJECTION. "why not me mom?", I Asked.

She went after 3 days and i was so sad.how can I meet her again. And then gradually I came back to earth. Within the next 7 days my interest reduced. I was no longer in Love ..he he. It was just, what we say, Infatuation. I came out of her. Even when I met her after a year, the bell didn't ring again..lol

With time, I matured. Realized Love can never happen like that. Love is something more beautiful, something more deep, something more mature.I laughed at guys who fell in love with a girl they knew nothing except their names. Wasn't it so comic. The guy goes and says, "Hi, I am 'X'.I love you.". The girl replies, "what did you say your name was?".

Ofcourse Love never happens at first sight. I came out of teens and understood what Love actually is. Though the bollywood inside me didn't go.I still believe in Love, but with a different bollywood theme. But this time I know, what I believe is what the truth is.

More about what I actually feel Love is. Maybe in some other posts. But " Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga...."


Thursday, 18 June 2009

How to be a Super Cook in 21 minutes

Hey guys, this blog will be a teaching to all those who feel cooking is a difficult job. Trust me guys, its not.it is a simple point to point programme and i can turn you into a SUPER COOK* within 21 minutes. Yes, just 21 minutes and you would be able to cook anything and everything*.

1) Decide on what is to be cooked.( any dish man, just think of it)
2) Cut the vegetables required. Choose frozen and already cut vegetables to make it more easy.
3) Cut an onion and a tomato.
4) Pour some oil in the pan.
5) Fry onions and tomatoes for some time.
6) Add turmeric powder, salt and chilli powder as per your taste requirements. If you have any other powder, add that as well.
7) Add vegetables and water.
8) Stir, boil and enjoy

Its so simple and you can cook anything using the above 8 steps and i mean it. ANYTHING

*Conditions Apply:
1) You have to be a kind of person who can eat anything ( Just like i am)
2) Please don't be fussy about food
3) Everything will taste the same. Be it chicken or capsicum.
4) Trust yourself that you cannot have food poisoning if its cooked at home :-)
5) Better to avoid bragging that you are a super cook. Its mostly for self motivation

Keep Cooking guys. Enjoy. Remember you are a super cook after reading this.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

The battle of life- Present Perfect Continuous

Yes, I know that everybody knows this.We all know life is a battle. A present perfect continuous tense is what my English teacher taught me. Any thing that is present and we know its in the continuous form is present perfect continuous tense. No, i am not going into English literature. My point is life and the battle that we go through for it.
I remember studying the law 'Survival of the fittest' . So true. Ain't the battle just for survival. The meaning of survival changes from person to person. For the poor, its actually surviving life. For the rich, its to survive the hype and glamour surrounded by money. But its all to survive. We battle for money, feelings everything cause we need the best for ourselves.
The times when we are losing this battle, we are sad. We say struggling with life, trying to cope up for the demands. And when we are winning we are happy. though at such times we forget that its still a battle. Just a battle WON. And like everything, we paid a cost for it. A cost to Win and to be happy.
I have heard a lot of people complaining about life ( count me IN) but then why do we forget that we didn't have an option. we are forced into it. the best way out is to fight and win. Yes we are stressed, we are frustrated and fed up but that makes the win more sweeter. Its not the Win actually that makes us happy, its cause of the struggle that we feel happy about it. The struggle was so much more important. And won't it be very boring if we didn't have to. Life would be so monotonous and boring without the ups and downs of it.
I know we all are constantly fighting, its only at times i realize that more the struggle, more the happiness that would be coming when its over. Finally its a circle. Suddenly i feel Circle was the most important geometrical figure made. Off late i can feel i can compare everything with circle. Maybe i can write something on this figure also someday. But back on Life, I bet i would get anybody stating that his/her life has not being a battle. and i am sure if you don't feel so, you will not be happy with your life.
I have started feeling the more i struggle the more it;s going to make me happy. And with Life, I am ready to fight. The more you try to beat me, the more i would be motivated to fight. You can make me fall but you cannot keep me down. I will rise and fight again and mind you its not going to be over in 10 rounds like boxing. So before you knock me out for the last time, which can be death, i am going to knock you out many many times and be happy about it.
I am ready to fight. Keep attacking.

PS: After my last blog , a dear friend asked if I knew there was a movie with the name ' The pursuit of happyness' (Note: its not a spelling mistake. the movie is named so). I declined and was forced to watch it. I recommend it to all others as well. Worth a watch

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

In Pursuit of Happiness

There is this one thing common in all the people in the world. the need to be HAPPY. No body wants to stay sad. though we often use the word sadist for some kind of people and there are those which would always be sad over something or the other, but they want to be happy.We run around and keep struggling all our life to be happy.
On deeper thoughts, our life is a circle. ( even zero is a circle.. he he but life is not zero, il say circle) everything keeps revolving in this circle from time to time.and in this life, happiness follows the circle too. it comes, then leaves us, comes again but we still complain most of the time that i am waiting for happiness. And you know what, it had entered our life but we dint notice it. we took it to be normal life, forgot to believe that we are happy.
Happiness is more of a feeling which may or may not be felt, but its importance is understood in the absence of it. its that part of the circle when its not with us, we miss it and rather remember it. We complain and we even recollect the happy moments and we keep running to get them again. again circle and it gets so boring. the way i am getting on in the circle. i kept repeating the same thing on and on after a period of time.
the only way we break this circle is by believing that when we are living a normal life, we are happy. we should not miss its absence and remember it but make it a part of life. And its so simple to be happy, but its so difficult to be simple. I can pluck out happiness from small things. i am staying alone and i cook my own food. 90% of the times i mess up and you know what everytime it happens, i become happy. I dont be sad that i miss good food but i try to be happy knowing that man i mess big time when i cook.And the best part is i be happy by giving it some fancy names.A normal dish prepared by mixing everything that yyou can lay your hands on and cook is called khichdi, but i give it a fancy name after deciding which content is the maximum. if its mushroom that is showing its presence more, lets name is shahi mushroom pulav with cream. and wow i am happy..lol
Happiness lies in the small things we do.But we live our lives waiting for happiness to come rather than plucking it out. we wait for results thinking a good result is gonna make me happy. its crap. tell me one person who is happy with results. Even the state topper is sad thinking had i scored more i could have broken a new record. Common jerks, be happy.
The cycle is gonna come again. the happiness part is gonna come. but rather than waiting for it, lets try to pluck small chunks of happiness in the sad part. is this whole blog a suggestion for people to be happy or just to me to be happy.i am not sure.its just a thought and i penned it down.

Monday, 8 June 2009

London Vs Mumbai

              I have been staying in London for the past few months now, And have stayed in Mumbai, my city, for 22 years so there may be times when i would get a little biased for Mumbai, but trust me il try to be very fair. And i will be cause there is no much difference between the 2 cities. they are alike, almost like twin sisters ( Mind you, i never quite understood why city is feminine..he he)

             Lets start with the weather. Both cities are equally disgusting when it comes to weather. In rainy season Mumbai could have scored over London as it rains in Mumbai only for 4 months, unlike London which is known to be notorious about rains. U can never trust the sunshine or the clouds. What makes Mumbai as bad as London is the super infrastructure. Cause we know what we get when it rains, floods and Kichad..And damn I cant stop from getting my clothes dirty from Mud. When its summer, London is not very hot.Its a very pleasant weather here but the sunshine..aahh..it pinches you. Its only here I realised that wearing glayers ( read gaagle) in summer is not style here, its a necessity. the shine is so bright and straight in ur eyes, can make u blind ( not in the literal sense). Winter..wow the only weather a lil better in both cities thou London is comparatively cooler. so guys see, alot of similarities.

              And you know what they say Mumbai is a place where the whole of India comes for jobs and make it dirty.Guys, In London the whole of Europe comes to make it dirty. People from all the European Union come here for jobs. They like Mumbai make the city crowded and dirty. In both cities, lifeline is trains. You cant live without them.Both are large cities.Both are linear and both are financial capitals.Both have traffic problems.
London scores some points on the infrastructure and organization of the city. Its so well organised and informative. You can never get lost in this city.Its amazing that in such a big city you can travel miles without knowing any place.though it loses some points cause of racial problems.Not that it has only racial problems, it also suffer from a problem called Asians..he he.You know how we are. he he

              Both cities have slums..yeah,trust me..just that in London the slums are not jhopdas on roads but big houses. and u would see the outsiders, not just desis who come here on projects but even others. and when I mean outsiders I actually wana include Indians,Pakistanis,bangladeshis,sri lankans,polish,hungarians etc etc stay in big houses, 10- 12 ppl in 1 house. I was surprised to see but thats how it is. its just an advanced version of slums.

                Mumbai though scores points cause of the people. A city that never sleeps. A city where women can travel safely even in the last local. A city that comes on streets to fight any natural calamity. A city that awakes at 3 30 and sleeps at late midnight.its the people there who make Mumbai what it is.
Both cities are so similar yet so different..

I am still to decide which is better.. your thoughts???

Every Coin has 2 Sides

There are times i wonder, whether this sayin 'every coin has 2 sides' is an understatement.its such a mildly put statement to one of the biggest facts of life.Coz like coins i feel every human also has 2 sides. a good side and a bad side.it all depends on what side are u actually looking at or what side of his is he trying to show.We cant be good to all in this world.Its as simple as that.
It was so difficult for me to accept some silly facts.I kept wondering how can sumone like this guy\girl ?? I totaly hate that person. I cant stand his [ il be using male pronouns but it stands for both genders ;-) ] face but there are others who like him.How can u even tolerate him forget liking him, is what i keep askin myself and at times to the person also if he is my good fren. They can point out his good qualities.Ok agreed there are a very fre good qualities in him but still yaar...And thats when i realize like every coin having 2 sides, even every human has. So its not my fault that i hate him.I jus happen to see his bad side or may be he is showing me his bad side. May be he is good to only a selected few and m not a part of that elite list. May be others just have the quality to pick out good in everybody.
I am amazed at such people. How can u not hate anybody??? Its not that they dont hate, its jus that they dont show.A nice quality. I wana get this one but i fail miserably.And then there are certain things which others can take and i cant. I hate people braging while some others can just tolerate it. I try so many times to look at the person with a positive outlook but the negative energy coming out of him betas me and i totalyy hate them.Myfault is to show them that somethings wrong.
One big quality that i should posses is diplomacy and patience. It seems the world teaches dis to all. No, dats wrong, this world dint teach this to me. I havent learned it yet. No matter how hard i try and then i feel like a fool.Why is it so hard to digest such things. There are so many who would hate me and i dont hate myself at all ( well at times i do).Well there are a few other people also excluding me who like me. With me as an example itself i can say that its such a common phenomenon. Still one of the mysteries. There might be sumthing which makes me hate him or love him.Why is that i expect most of them to think like me. I shouldnt be doing that.
I have to learn a few things very fast now.
1) keep it to urself if u hate somebody. Reveal it to only very very few people who are ur very good frens.
2) be diplomatic. dont be straight on the face.
3)Accept the fact that men are dogs.We are a bloody fraternity who behaves differntly wiith the opposite sex.
4) dont think and analyze so much. Let some people jus t go to hell.Wow ..the 4th learning should be practiced very fast. That would make me happy soon. More human pshycology bullshit and my silly thougts to follow.

Hate- A feeling as strong as Love

Wow, i like the subject line. i can say the subject line was one of my masterpieces. :-)But on a serious note, i have thought about this for a long long time.we find so many books and literature on Love, but we underestimate its counterpart, HATE.
I personally believe the feeling of hating sumbody is as strong as love. There are so many similarities in both the feelings. when we do either of the one we have that person invoved i our life and we allow that person to interfere in our personal space.Space that we keep for ourselves.the person os constanly in our mind. And for people like me, we constantly have them in our conversations. Unlike many i dont keep my hatred secret. I am among the few fools in the world who just cant keep this feeling as a secret. both love and hate is easily seen.Its difficult to hide both.The feeling is so strong like love that at times we forget to use our brains. Like love even hatred comes stright from the heart.It has the capapbility to change our moods. It has the capability for people to do what they woildnt have normally.Most of us would take hate to be a negative feeling. Though it is but its strength cannot be underestimated.
I may be seen as a cynic for praising this feeling so much but one of the statistical survey ( sources undefined ) say that we dislike 95 % of the people we meet.Now thats a figure. I was amazed and so relieved when i got to know this. Coz there are times when i see the so called practical people around me who keep sayin, i like all, all are good, i dont dislike anyone. There is one thing that i know about such people. They are very good in hiding emotions. or maybe just too afriad to admit it.I thout for a few days, coz of such people ofcourse, that maybe there is some problem with me and so i dont like so many people. But i was wrong.Its common, Just that i show it and others hide.That reminds me, the feeling of HATE , like love, is also mutual from both sides. I have hardly seen one person hating the other but the other not doing that in return. Gandhiji was the last known person to do that but i dont feel dat to be true. He might have hated the british rulers, And dint he do that in hatred when he was thrown out of the train in south africa. Hate halps u achieve alot. Hitler hated jews and that made him one of the most powerful persons of the century. So its not only Love that helps u succeed, its even hate. we have two extremely oppsite examples of such people and theri feeling of hate in Gandhi and Hitler.
May be people would say the words dislike and hate are different from each other. They say i dislike that person but i dont hate him. Now i don understand how? Well the breed of so called practical people are also often haerd saying that i neither like that person nor do i dislike. Now thats as good as sayin, m neither alive nor m i dead. Anyways thats the majority in todays world, people who neither like nor dislike.Not for me but, if i dont dislike or hate i say i like that person and same holds true viceversa.Too much written for hate. that too when i was in no mood to hate anybody.
But the message to be conveyed is, Common guys its normal to hate, admit it. and dont underestimate hate. One day m gonna be a big person in life, thanksto many such people whom i hate. they help me as mmuch as the people i love help. So thanks to all thos epeoplewhom i hate. And no wonder i am in a better position then many people coz i have 2 kinds of people who support me, People whom i love and people whom i hate, whereas the others only have the love kinds..
Cheers to HATRED


Hi Guys,
I know i had a shameful start last time. No, not in my writing but the way i just disappeared. What was shameful that i even forgot my login id and password. So had to create this new one. No worries, i had even less than 10 people who had ever visited me.
But this time guys i will try to be more regular. Would write more regularly and make a sincere effort to spread the blog too :-)
I was inspired by fakeiplplayer blog..lol
Anyways for starters i will copy paste my previous 3 blogs again.. and then il be back with some more.
Way to go..