Monday, 8 June 2009


Hi Guys,
I know i had a shameful start last time. No, not in my writing but the way i just disappeared. What was shameful that i even forgot my login id and password. So had to create this new one. No worries, i had even less than 10 people who had ever visited me.
But this time guys i will try to be more regular. Would write more regularly and make a sincere effort to spread the blog too :-)
I was inspired by fakeiplplayer
Anyways for starters i will copy paste my previous 3 blogs again.. and then il be back with some more.
Way to go..


  1. well.. to start with.. u write well.. but why have u chosen such bitter topics.. there are many things to write on.. something wid good thoughts.. this jus shows the bitterness filled in u.. it is harmful..

  2. No, Its not bitterness.its just the untouched part of everybodys life.I would appreciate a name

  3. "REALISM" would be the right word !

  4. n nincompoop
    d more u post the less chances of u forgetting ur credentials :P so post on...


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