Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Yes, I Need a GUN...


         With the recent Connecticut school shooting massacre ,  where 20  kids were shot dead, the debate  on Gun control bill  in news again. I was surprised to see the media here voicing an opinion on the bill. Or perhaps this was a prime example why Facebook is famous. We were more interested in the bill debate of the USA rather than worrying about our own problems. Precisely,we were more interested in other's life. Now I might have a personal opinion  that the law and order is better in the USA  and the society is more civilized so they do not really need Guns , but again I want to worry  about what happens here first so I wont go in those details.

 There were 3 incidents reported in the last 2 weeks that I would like to touch upon. First, a girl gang raped in Delhi with her beau beaten and thrown out of a moving bus,second, a bunch of thugs killing a young boy who came to help the girl who was been teased by those thugs  And third,when an elderly lady of around 40 walking with her husband and son was subjected to cat calls in public and then the male duo thrashed by those thugs. Doesn't give us a pretty picture right? I have always been proud of my country, India , and have given the good side  of it to my friends overseas. Needless to say, they and the rest of the world would be in for a shock if such despicable truths continue to rear its ugly head. 

           So, is the common man in this country really so
 safe? Are we portraying ourselves as uncivilized? And that is where the thought  arises of me owning a gun in India, nevertheless being unknown of what could happen if I own one in the US.But certainly, I feel the need of owning one here for the safety sake of me and my family. Unfortunately  I spend a lot of time trying to earn money  to give my family a decent living.  Unfortunately, surviving in this booming rat-race of a metropolis called Mumbai doesn’t leave me much room to learn martial arts or other forms of physical combat. That’s when the coveted gun could take its charge. If ever I see myself in such situations, wherein a woman is being eve-teased by a handful of goons, I will brandish the gun, deeming that would be the best way to cow them into dispersing.. On the other hand, it is equally appalling to see a dozen ‘onlookers’ who do not bother to take up the cudgels against those involved  in such petty anti-social   elements. Perhaps they are to be blamed too.Why is that when the husband and son trying to  guard the lady of the house were getting over powered and beaten by those goons, the remaining people around  deny to save them??

           Like the rest, I would be pleased if my country's law and order  became one of the best
  in the near future. However, I  do not expect these  abhorrent individuals to become civilized.They know  they belong to a country where the Minister says that girls should dress up properly to save themselves from being eve teased. They know they belong to a country where a few institution[ bars girls from wearing  denims to keep them safe. They know they belong to a country that is made up of selfish and self centered bunch of losers. And so I need a gun and I do not feel my demand is unjustified.

          All I want is to stay
 in a civil society. A society where, when your car gets crashed, the person doesn't come running to you hurling abuses ready for a fight, but like the one in the Europe or the US where human safety seeks an utmost importance.And I do realize that owning guns might rather take us away from forming such a civilized society. But then what are my options if the educated and civilized people around me choose to look the other way when an innocent girl is eve teased.

        Life always gives us options. Either we continue to live in misery or we decide the need to stop this. And for that we, the common men, will have to raise them to the occasion
 . Do not expect anyone else to bring us out of this. So let’s decide, do we want to stop this shit  by getting involved or shall we all have a GUN