Monday, 31 May 2010

A Guy's Silence

So much is said about a girl's silence. When she is silent she means this, when she says this she means that and it goes on and on an on.... We spend so much time analyzing silence. I guess it's time someone spoke about a guy's silence as well.

Normally it is considered that when a guy is silent he just accepts his mistake. This is the biggest mistake in understanding guys or understanding Silence in general. There are many reasons why a guy chooses to be silent.

For starters, most of the times in an argument the guy is silent cause he is not bothered :-). Jokes apart, this may be one of the reason but is mostly not. We also prefer to be silent when we realize that the argument would not lead to an understanding. We realize that if the person is adamant enough to not understand, we should quit trying to make him understand.We are silent when we feel this is not the right time to argue. Yes we have emotions and we value for them. We know when the truth would be understood and when it would not be. In the latter case, we chose to be silent.

We are silent cause we wish to finish it off. No it doesn't mean we are accepting mistakes but its just cause we know this would be the only thing leading to peace. We are silent when we do not wish to create a scene. We are silent when we are in deeper thoughts of the subject. We are silent as we are searching for a solution.

Its time the feminist realize that one should not consider men defeated when they chose to be silent. They may also chose to be silent to strike back on a better time. And Last but the most important, we are also silent cause we are designed by GOD to speak less :-)

We are silent cause we love, we care and we value.