Monday, 22 August 2011

Anna and MMS !! The two SORRY figures of India

Now this might come as a surprise to many. I am talking about the two individuals who these days trend on every Indian newspaper. Anna Hazare, the man who is considered to be leading the anti corruption campaign with the support of the entire youth India (as some may say) and Mr ManMohan Singh the current Prime Minister of one of the largest democracies of the world. Now this might look like a cynical wrath but the truth is both of them are sorry figures in the country. My thoughts on why I feel so.

            Let us start with Anna. A 70 year old man leading the fight in the Gandhian way against the government for the Jan Lokpal Bill. Fasting from the last 7 days to get the draft of the bill, the way he feels is right. The youth of the entire country supporting him and doing non violent protests in the country. But Anna, is it not for a fact that the country is just using your name and your earlier good deeds to get their anger out? The youth that is supporting you is the one to be blamed for corruption and not just the government.
           How many of those who support you would be ready to pay a small amount of donation (which I would bring under the definition of corruption) to get a good college seat. It is the same youth who would pay the traffic constable some bribe to save themselves from a traffic ticket. It is the youth who is ready to abuse the system when they go abroad right from faking cell phone robberies to get new cell phones under the insurance scheme and send the old ones to their relatives back in India. It is the same youth that fakes CVs to get jobs, makes dummies give interviews and would not stop from offering a small bribe to get a good job. Corruption is in the roots of the youth. They might come on the road to support you but will not think twice to do any act of corruption which makes their life easy.

            I completely agree with your fight against corruption but the people supporting you makes you look like a sorry figure to me. Your team behind you is also not the ‘saints’ they feel they are and I have spoken about them in the previous blog titled ‘ Anna Hazare: Can we really trust you?’ It was smart of your team to put forward names like Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi after so much of the Bhushans had come to public. And your recent statement that you would be ready to talk to Rahul Gandhi, makes me doubt your credentials. What position of power does he hold in the Indian Democracy legally? I know he is the future PM of India and hence I feel even ManMohan Singh is nothing but a sorry figure

            No matter what people say but as a matter of fact ManMohan’s lack of self respect has put the entire democracy to a shame. It was always stated that he was a rubber stamp PM with Sonia Gandhi holding the remote but with has happened off late has made me wonder why will an individual not show any kind of self respect. We all know its Rahul Gandhi who would be the next PM candidate and you are on the seat only till the time he is ready, but in that process you have lost a lot. You have nothing to gain by taking the entire blame and shame that the Congress deserves. You do not have a dynasty to follow nor will you be treated with respect once you leave the post.The fact that people like Anna are also now ready to talk to him is a matter of shame for democracy. Reading a letter in the Parliament when opposition rips you apart will not do any good to your image.

            The Congress has played its part. There is a brilliant mastermind behind all this. The common man may not realize this. The common man is happy know there is one Anna they can follow and one MMS they can abuse. But being a true ‘Sardar’ it is time you stand for yourself. Stop people from treating you this way. Stop Congress using you to an extent where people might forget that you were one of the great economist my country ever had.
            There is a mind behind all this. Nothing happens from the heart. Gone are the days when the heart ruled the head. But it is time you both use your head and heart and see what you guys have to gain or lose. May be there is a lot to lose than you can imagine. Cause no matter what people say in the times ruled by money, I still feel everything but self respect can be gained again.