Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Back to INDIA

I know this is coming after a long time, but this was cause all this time i was under the sheer joy of coming back to my country. Now that i am back and settled i will continue the blogs.

Being Back to India was good. Rather the excitement to reach the D-Day ( D- Day refers to the day of my return journey) was more than the D- day itself and later.

The return journey from Airport to my home was full of cars honking at each other. For the first few instances i looked back in anger as i saw no reason for the car to honk and abuse me but soon i realized that honking is not abusing here. its just a part of driving. we are taught to use both brakes and horn equally!!! My brother jumped a red traffic light at 1 Am on my journey back. i Shouted , " Kya kar raha hai?? ". He replied with a cool and calm attitude, "Welcome to India bro". and then we all laughed. I cannot forget the welcome..he he

Then came the time when i had to go to my workplace.And i promised myself that the first thing i would do on my next holiday is to get a damn bikers license.I could not get into the bus and trains. the same transport means that i used all my life. Did the population rise so much in 1 year??? May be not by my attitude changed. I kept waiting to get in and others got in and soon there was no room left for me and a few others. I stood down there looking like a fool. I just made a few attempts to look like i-was-not-planning-to catch-the train-anyways types!!!!

Celebrated Diwali with my family. But was it really a big thing!!! to be with my family makes me happy. Diwali or No Diwali did not make a difference. I am anyways not a very festive person. For me its just normal holidays where you can get up late and spend the whole day doing nothing!!

Something tells me i am not very happy to be back. The pollution, the roads, the population makes me feel that life is definately better outside India. I don't know if my India-Mahann feelings have completely died or no but they have reduced for sure. May be more time here would get those feelings back.. Only time will tell!!!!!!


  1. first thing that comes to mind is
    KAPIL GO BACK !!!!!!
    but then on second thots its just the NRI effect. it'll just be a matter of time before it fizzes out.
    but what strikes me the most is the irony of the situation
    y is the grass always greener on the other side?
    i mean when u r there, u cant stop thinking about the negatives of the situation n cant wait to be back n then when u come back u begin to think that may be that was a better place to live in after all.
    do you not see a pattern of pessimistic thinking developing here.
    then r they really wrong when they say that happines is just a state of mind basically !

    ok the high point of it all was that ur narrative is drastically improving. so read a lot more n it'll keep getting better.
    looking fwd to more frequent posts here. always a pleasure reading

  2. Hey Kapil...guess what..i too experienced the same thing on the day on my way to home..the honking..the humidity..the air pollution..noise pollution..the crowded buses n trains..n roads n the potholes...makes us miss life outside India..but then there are pros n cons..while there r ngatives, there r some positives..that we r back to our family n friends..get to enjoy the festive seasons..enjoy sweets/food of all types..i remember how i was missing pani puri..after i returned back, i had 20-25 pani puri every other day..... :-)

  3. hey kapil .. Welcome back ..

    So like a typical NRI, you started abusing India for its pollution, population etc at the first step you put in indian soil .. Not bad not bad ..

    Well, I hv a completely different opinion on that .. I stayed in US for3 years and when I was back, not for a single minute, I felt that why I'm back nor I regretted my decision .. ctually, I loved those car honking, crowded buses, pollution adn population .. It was so thrilling to see so many people and even cows on the road .. May be I'm a typical indian you can say ..

    Other than highpaying job in Dollars/Pond, I dont think most of us who go onsite are interested in knowledge gain or research .. It's all about tthat 1 $ to 50 RS rtion .. It's all about money, honey !!

    No mother gets a super-perfect child .. She makes her child perfect by inductiong various virtues in him/her.. Same goes for our motherland .. No country is perfect .. its citizens make it perfect .. This process takes time but we are going to rock soon ..

    Sorry for my complete disagreement .. May be I'm a bit more patriotic after my US return .. I exactly knew what I missed when I was in US ..

  4. Hey Soham,
    Its completely fine that you disagree. I missed my country alot when i was in UK. But now that i am back i realize that its painful to see humans being treated worse than animals in our country. we do not value human life and most of all we do not respect mankind.
    In contrast to european countries we are gifted with the best climatic and geographical conditions. we mint money. Why is that we still suffer?? Not that we do not have the means to support our large population. Its all cause of our attitude.
    we do not have the attitude to change. we are satisfied with what we have. And its the attitude of the people that hurts me most and not the other problems.Untill we realize and accept what we lack we will not change.
    My thougths may seem harsh but the real reason being that i so much want my country to be best, and no doubts that we have a large large room for improvement.

  5. best climatic conditions ?
    mint money ?
    well may b if ppl cud 'just for once in their lifes' stop complaining abt everything under the sun whilst finally deciding to move away for good n do their bit instead with a belief that even tht much wud help make some kind of a difference, somewhere, then may be... just may be... things cud change...
    parr ghar ki safayi me haath gandhe kon kare !

  6. Not that people were born complaining.
    and yes definately every little helps!! i do my bit. I do not throw things on road and use a dustbin. and you know what, most of the times i search for it for hours. is it too much if i expect some dust-bins around!!!
    ghar ki safai main haath gande karne hai..par agar safai karne wala ek aur kharab karne wale 99 crore hon toh its impossible. unless people realize whats wrong, getting it right is not possible!!
    and that dialogue of yours is from RDB movie!!!

  7. oh!!!
    good to know that u havent forgotten our movies atleast after going there.
    n FYI i never claimed a patent on it anyways
    but my point still stands. whts with all the whigning ? has it ever gotten anyone anywhere ever ?
    the only person u can control is urself. realize that.. then u wont get so frustrated with ur surroundings.


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