Thursday, 28 October 2010

The 'Accented' Indian


It is not very difficult to guess the kind of people I am talking about. As a part of my job, I meet various people from other departments. I know nothing about them except their name. I schedule a meeting and meet them. In one of such meetings I had to meet an Indian guy. Glad to see the name, I thought finally some person with whom I might be talking freely right from the first moment. This guy comes in and introduces himself. He looks perfectly Indian till he opens his mouth and speaks his name and i go like what the hell!! What went wrong with his tongue. Can he not pronounce his name properly? Has he forgotten how is it pronounced in India? And he has been in USA for just 10 years.

And you get plenty of such people here. I call them the 'Accented' Indian. These are people who fake the accents to sound more American.Its disgusting when they stoop so low that they stop saying their names properly. Now 10 years here and 30 years in India, which accent should you probably have? You know the best part about Americans and worst part about Indians is that they do what they want and we do what 'they' want. They talk English in an accent which would sound so different from the actual British English. They pronounce most of the words in a different manner. An Englishman would probably laugh his guts out if he hears them talk. He does not do so cause he comes from a place with a culture that respects humans. I can understand Indians trying to fake accent as we need to mingle with them. But Why do we have to change the pronunciation of our name? Its a proper noun. As per the dictionary, a proper noun can be pronounced in the way you want it.

As far as my experience with Americans go, they make me repeat my name 10 times and they repeat it after me to get it right. They would always call you with the right pronunciation that you teach them. But still we have the accented Indians who will avoid it. And who are these guys? They are people who could not make it big in our country. I agree we have conditions that are tough and that's why a few people can make it big. It takes alot of efforts and skill to rise to the top back in India. They chose the easy way out. They know they are not probably skilled enough to make the kind of money they make here in India as easily as they do it here. I call you guys' Losers'. We have people who come here and be what they are and go back. They know they are useful enough that others would tolerate their ways and the way they speak.

Now back in India, I come from a convent educated school. we are taught fluent English but we speak UK English. We Indians speak more pure English than other Europeans and Americans. But guess what, rather than being proud about it, we change the way we pronounce our name. That's desperation to its limits. No matter how hard a Jewish or German name is, no matter what the french pronounce, they will make sure they are pronounced properly. But the lack of dignity in us makes us do things that others will not. I know a few students coming here and then decide to settle here cause they find the work culture better here. Well lets put it straight, they know they are not skilled enough for my country. They cannot survive in the fiercely competitive Indian work culture where survival of the fittest is the key.But to be a part of American culture, you may please pronounce a few words so that the common American understands you but at least get your names right.And to add on to this concept of making them understand what we speak, All the BPOs in India teach their employees to talk in American accent. The fact is none do after they are on job. They use their accent only when they talk to their friends. And I know this for sure as I have a few of my calls routed from other countries to the BPOs back in India.

We talk about India becoming the next super-power. We can with the kind of technology we have and the speed in which we are going ahead. But to make us a super power we also need to have the attitude of being one. We lack it big time. The number of people dying to settle abroad is so huge in certain parts of my country that I am ashamed. Mr Narayan Murthy had to say that young people should not look towards IT as an opportunity to settle abroad. I appreciate him coming ahead and saying this. We need alot more people doing it.

I know alot of people would not agree to my views here. But that's just me. A guy who is proud of his culture and has different ways in life. But with disgust I would appeal to all the people wishing to settle here and the ones settled abroad already. If you cannot pronounce your names right, better change it. We are as ashamed of you guys who portray Indians as desperate wannabes as you are of the country that made you capable of relocating yourself to a better environment. So to all those 'fakers' I say, get some self respect.

Jai Hind!!

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Before you people get mad on the topic, let me tell you this. I am one the biggest fans of the serial. I just love watching it and except for season 2 I have watched all the episodes ( I mean it!! ) of all the other seasons. This is one serial which gives me a chance to do what i like the most, observing people. I am fond of observing and analyzing human behavior and most of the times i get it right. So for whiners who might say the serial is scripted and is not actual reality, let us consider these 2 points; 1) You cannot script all the small things that are shown and happen normally 2) Even if it is scripted, it is done by a lot of study on human physcology to make it look real and among all reality shows, it is the one closest to real life.

I am so much of a Big Boss fanatic that I would love to enter the house as a commoner.The way they did in season 1. Now let us talk on the topic i.e the season 4.We have some real good characters this time which promises alot of fun. To start with the anchor, I am disappointed. Salman might have his charm but as an anchor he cannot carry himself. The standards set by Arshad warsi and Big B were way too high. The way he talks and acts I would relate more of the word 'dumb' rather than 'dabangg' to him. The role he plays of knowing it all and then to tease the participants of the house with hints is a skill he may not possess. The director would have to do alot of work on him.

To start with the participants we have the famous lawyer who represented Kasab. Thrown out in the first week. He thought he was intelligent and smart but that is what all lawyers think and we just throw them out of the house. He kept saying the government told him to fight. Why did he not say that the govt actually just asks for applications. He fought the case cause he willed to. And how will he explain the cases he fought for the 93 blast accused and Gulshan Kumar murder case accused. But I wish he would have stayed more in the house and someone would have given him some shit soon. Some truth of what the country thinks of him.

Not everybody deserves a mention but we cannot forget the 'Splitsvilla' winner who is crying the whole time. It shows how foolish the MTv shows are and they are so far from reality. You put them in a real house with matured people and they end up like that. No wonder I never felt like watching Roadies and other MTv reality shows. The house has such an effect that Seema Parihar ; the person who so confidently keeps boasting about her stay in the jungle for 18 years; broke down before 18 days. Now she would realize that the social jungle is more difficult to survive than the forest jungle. No wonder I love the serial so much.

We do have characters like Shweta Tiwari who seems matured ;calculated and ready to take on the world. She would go a long way. And people like Manoj Tiwari; the true innocent guy who reacts to things and does not respond like calculated guys. His stay is going to be tough but I would like him to be there. The good guy Sameer Soni got a taste of truth this week by getting nominated. This is the world my friends. The same people who kept saying that Sameer is the proxy captain of the house have now nominated him to be thrown out of the house. This is true human nature. No wonder I love the serial so much.

Look at our Serial actress Sarah Khan. She was stupid in the serial Utaran and is more stupid in real life. I pity the guy who is engaged with her. She brought him to light on national television and announces she might marry him. Then within 2 days inside the house she tears the pics; speaks about ditching him. Her poor boyfriend sitting outside might just be pulling his hair and thinking what the heck happened. Some girls just need companionship. She couldn't stay alone inside for 3 months. Now she is going gaga on Ashmit Patel. ( No offence meant to Ladies; even some men are like that but we are talking about big Boss participants) . The way things are going between her and Ashmit Patel I am so sure Ashmit, You are giving us another MMS soon. I think one was not enough for you. No wonder I love the serial so much ;-)

And our guy Ashmit seems to be going all cutey over Pakistani Actress Veena Malik. I assume later we can have some filmy drama between the three of them. Veena assumes that every time if she keeps talking about how Big Boss is setting an example by calling Pakistani Actress ; it is going to fetch her votes. Sorry Boss, its a game and I am sure you will not win. Not to mention the host Begum Ali. He kinds gets the advantage to have all the bad qualities of both genders and can justify that. He is not so sure what he is. Though i feel he, Aanchal Kumar and Rahul Bhatt are not going to spice up the serial much. Lets see what happens. No wonder I love the serial so much.

So guys this is about it. I just love to watch them react and respond to situations and relate it to the true world. I hope you find it interesting too.

PS:1) No, I am not paid to propagate the serial
2) For people who feel i have lost it by writing on Soap operas now; As a matter of fact among all the posts, my post on the opera "Utaran" has maximum hits, comments and so much that if you type my full name on google its among the top 3 results.

So I will end with: Big Boss Big Boss kya hai GAME..Life is not the SAME..


Friday, 8 October 2010

The 'verdict' sets an example

It is not difficult to guess that I am talking about the recent 'Babri verdict'. The Indian judicial system does not give us alot of chances to be pleased. This was one of those rare decisions that made me proud of the system and I truly felt that we do have some intelligent uncorrupted people sitting out there delivering verdicts. The very rare breed of people who thought a good verdict will be more important than controversies and politics.

I am not a hardcore Hindu extremist nor among the lines of highly secular people. My thoughts are just of a common man who wants to live his life with peace and let live. I am one of the common next gen India. Dividing the land into 3 equal parts and keeping everybody happy was the best that could happen. Lets see it this way, Hindus are 2/3rd population of the country so they get that much land and Muslims are 1/3rd and so they get 33%. Now there are people who might have different reasons to be happy or sad about the verdict.

Hardcore Hindu extremists who where hell bent on building a temple will be happy that it is finally proved that the place is now proved to be the birthplace of Lord Ram and they will get the land that they wanted to use to build a temple. Muslim extremists unhappy about a mosque being demolished would be happy that finally justice prevails and the court agree that what happened was wrong and they get 1/3rd land which can be used to build a mosque. The common man is happy that finally it is over.No more politics on it. No more people dying cause of it. And yes we are unhappy that no more half days in office whenever you declare that a verdict will be announced. But thats fine :-)

The next gen India truly do not care what you build there. We are very happy with a hospital or a school in that area. Yes we are focused only on GDP and growth. We do not care about the mistakes people did in the past. We look ahead to a bright future. A future that is good for all irrespective of the religion. We are not the generation who have gone through the pains of partition. We have not suffered and so we can let go. And its high time we do let go. A young Muslim or Hindu now should only think of what is going to happen in the future and to build a good present. We are on the road to be a super power and its time we find solutions to internal problems of corruption and politics rather than worrying on whether a temple is built or mosque. Don't we have toooo many already in the country? Do you visit them all anyways that you need more?

To all the Hindu extremists I would say that lets not forget that we did demolish a historical place which was wrong. Babar who built a mosque there after demolishing temples was an unjust ruler. Let us prove to the world that we are not. We are the majority in the country and let us behave like one. Let us take the responsibility to take the country to heights we have never been before. Let us lead the way. Let us let go minor issues. We got the land, do whatever with it but let there be peace.

To all the Muslim extremists I would say that lets not forget that what was broken was a place that was no longer worshipped. The people who have done it will come to justice. You are the leading minority in the country with a population more than any other secular country. You have all your rights in this country and are a part of the country. A good future to the country is ours to be. You have the land, do whatever with it but let there be peace.

And to all the people fighting for the land irrespective of your religion, please be informed that the next generation India is together and they do not care about temple or mosques. We have the vision to look ahead. We have the heart to let go. We need a good place where our kids will be born. We need them to be born in a country which is developed and where people do not die of hunger. We want the world to realize that we cannot be taken lightly anymore. And if you are so hell bent on fighting, look around, half of Kashmir and half of Arunachal Pradesh is taken over by our neighbours. Fight with them and not among ourselves.

Jai Hind!!