Wednesday, 10 June 2009

In Pursuit of Happiness

There is this one thing common in all the people in the world. the need to be HAPPY. No body wants to stay sad. though we often use the word sadist for some kind of people and there are those which would always be sad over something or the other, but they want to be happy.We run around and keep struggling all our life to be happy.
On deeper thoughts, our life is a circle. ( even zero is a circle.. he he but life is not zero, il say circle) everything keeps revolving in this circle from time to time.and in this life, happiness follows the circle too. it comes, then leaves us, comes again but we still complain most of the time that i am waiting for happiness. And you know what, it had entered our life but we dint notice it. we took it to be normal life, forgot to believe that we are happy.
Happiness is more of a feeling which may or may not be felt, but its importance is understood in the absence of it. its that part of the circle when its not with us, we miss it and rather remember it. We complain and we even recollect the happy moments and we keep running to get them again. again circle and it gets so boring. the way i am getting on in the circle. i kept repeating the same thing on and on after a period of time.
the only way we break this circle is by believing that when we are living a normal life, we are happy. we should not miss its absence and remember it but make it a part of life. And its so simple to be happy, but its so difficult to be simple. I can pluck out happiness from small things. i am staying alone and i cook my own food. 90% of the times i mess up and you know what everytime it happens, i become happy. I dont be sad that i miss good food but i try to be happy knowing that man i mess big time when i cook.And the best part is i be happy by giving it some fancy names.A normal dish prepared by mixing everything that yyou can lay your hands on and cook is called khichdi, but i give it a fancy name after deciding which content is the maximum. if its mushroom that is showing its presence more, lets name is shahi mushroom pulav with cream. and wow i am
Happiness lies in the small things we do.But we live our lives waiting for happiness to come rather than plucking it out. we wait for results thinking a good result is gonna make me happy. its crap. tell me one person who is happy with results. Even the state topper is sad thinking had i scored more i could have broken a new record. Common jerks, be happy.
The cycle is gonna come again. the happiness part is gonna come. but rather than waiting for it, lets try to pluck small chunks of happiness in the sad part. is this whole blog a suggestion for people to be happy or just to me to be happy.i am not sure.its just a thought and i penned it down.


  1. I am one person who is not sad most of the time. Though, I could write a book on sad things about my life! Still, God has blessed me with an advanced high-tech memory system I guess.I tend to forget sad things (the tragedies) of my life pretty often. Once in a blue moon, something makes me recall it.Like a big volacano that erupts and makes my heart burn..but I don't die. I emerge and spring back to life!Keep unloading your mind and pour it all out in this blog , Kapil!Just take care of the spelling mistakes, punctuations etc. Well written because it started my own train of thoughts on the matter!

  2. ITs good to read this blog of yours.. Nice to know that u try to find happiness in sad times of ur lives and don wait for happiness to come ur way.. I wonder how much of this blog u actually imply and how much u it is meant to enforce happiness on urself.. watever it is.. it is quiet inspiring.. good work.. keep it up..

  3. finally something i thoroughly enjoyed n appreciate
    the best part about happiness is tht even in ur most trying times just a thot of it may cheer u up atleast a lil, even if it is for a while
    good job
    looking forward to read more "semi realistic semi philosophical" posts like this

  4. happiness comes n goes darling
    its never really permanent
    but how u sustain it, so dat it last even thru ur lowest is wht matters
    its just a state of mind basically

    focus on how to c the positive side in even the worst of situations n der u have the key to prolonged n continuining feeling of bliss

    like a person having acquired a migraine coz of a head injury he musta sustained in an accident, doesnt curse GOD but thnks HIM, for worse things cuda hpnd to him, like losing a limb or possible death. even thru the pain he manages to c the bright side of things n hence remains happy


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