Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Women : Nature's Wonder or Nature Wonders...

             So, we all know the story on how GOD made the earth, the plants and everything beautiful around. Then one day He created Man. As a reward to this purple patch, He decided to take things easy and set up a factory in China for mass production of men. Faster, easier and cheaper. Now since it’s a production assembly line, they were all the same, except for looks. Like all Chinese made products, Men also had variations in terms of quality. Some worked wonders while others were defective. But the basic functionality and features remain the same.

            Then, He rested and after what seemed to be a conspicuous 'lull before the storm', He created Woman. Now since he was done building the world and all, He decided not to set up a factory but prepared each piece himself. Changed and experimented several times. He did not realize that down there, on earth, what a hard time this will be for Men trying to understand Women. This is also why women mystify us every time we know one. They are just so different.          

              I would have loved citing examples but then space and words would be a constraint to get it all here. So don’t be amazed if the shy quiet girl sitting in the corner is a kick ass writer or if the bold looking female is actually a wimp. From reaching the space to acting like a space shuttle in our life. She has done it all. Just like my Mom who admits to not understanding technology but can be seen playing games on her tablet or surfing matrimonial sites finding a girl for me in her spare time. Wonder what she would have done, had she known Technology. Build a robotic daughter-in-lay maybe?

              The problem is we Men are like Porn movies. You see one you have seen them all. It’s the same. Women on the other hand are like Kamala Hassan or Amir Khan movies. Each movie is different and has a lot of efforts behind the making. Now just like the movies, some may flop while some may be super hit. We try to understand women all our lives. Initially we try to understand our mother/sister, as soon as we get close to knowing what they actually mean or want, we get our wife/gf , who is a different women altogether.

              We like to attribute our lack of understanding of women to PMS in general. The PMS that lasts for 30 days a month.What we fail to realize is the person up in the sky never wanted us to solve this mystery. Love them, adore them, compliment them, listen to them but do not try to understand them. And for those who have tried it all and failed, please remember that SOME women are hard to please, others are just impossible. The mystic about Women is almost like he-who-must-not-be-named ‘s nose. The more you think about it the more you fail to understand why couldn’t’ he fix his nose with all the magical powers in his wand.

              The world will be so boring without them .Just like some great guy said, we can’t live with them, we cannot live without them. And just as I proofread this, I realize that my words do not do justice to the Wonders of Women.