Sunday, 18 March 2012

It's a Women's World

                   It was just a casual conversation with a colleague of mine during the coffee break that she decided to explain to me how the dating system works in USA. She said, "Kapil, it is really simple out here unlike in India. If you go somewhere and you like a girl, you have to walk up to her, strike a conversation, buy her a drink and give your phone number. If she is interested she will call you otherwise you keep trying." You know why this sentence stood out to me, cause it is at this time did I realize that the saying 'it's a man's world' is actually a myth. Actually it's a woman's world.

                   In one of my previous blogs 'The Weaker Sex', I did try to give you a lighter version of how it's actually the man who suffers in the fight of two females.Perhaps that is why the term 'weaker sex' kept getting gradually replaced by the new term 'fairer sex'. So I do not want to offend the feminists or sound like a sexist, but the fact is that it never was and never will be a man's world.

                   Women rule the world. It is a known fact that the cause of a fight between two drunk friends have always been a women. A female who may not even be aware of the mere existence of these two friends still manages to get them to blows with each other.Most of the times, it is always the girl who has to call it quits on the guy. The guy never does so. And the reason for that is simple and even stated in movies. When a girl leaves a guy, there are other guys and so called best friends ready to replace that guy. Just waiting for a chance like the dogs we are. The girl again gets options and choices but sadly it never happens the same way with a guy. He either gets drunk with his male buddies or cries for few days. But no girlfriends of his girlfriend will pounce on this now single guy.

                    From politics to boardrooms they rule men with just a smile. Now how many times have you seen this that when a male jumps the queue, he is been abused and pushed back again but if a female does so and says that she is in a hurry ( with a smile ofcourse) even the most hardened guy would let it go. And let me ask this, how many guys are forced to see the daily soap operas by Ekta Kapoor cause one women in the house wants to?

                    I have never heard of a men's day but they have a day for women. And then be it Valentine's day or any anniversary, it is always the women who gets the gifts.
 Most of the commercials on TV are made to attract the women. They know if the women agrees, the man has to. The marketing greats know where to hit to get the product sold. The lows were reached when they started asking men to buy a certain brand of underwear cause women like men in it. What?? Should I not buy something that's rather more comfortable?

                    Without offending the religious minds, i would like to state that most of the wars in Hindu mythology also occurred due to women. If Draupadi would not have insulted Duryodhan perhaps he would not have challenged for a war. If Ravan's sister would have kept her eyes away from Ram and not got her nose cut in the process, perhaps Ravan would never have met Sita, Kidnapped her and led to a war. So from centuries and as far as you could go till today, women have ruled the place. And whenever we are led to believe in the myth that it's a man's world , and some do, the super powerful super intelligent just uses her weapon of mass destruction.She just SMILES...

PS: This post is just a light attempt on humor and so I have not touched any serious topics against women or for women. Enjoy



  1. hmmm...good topic to invite a lot of opposition but as you are writing this in good humour...I will mildly put my arguments...I agree that man are dogs and girl friends of girl friends don't support you...but then the fault also lies with men as they don't make the right type of women friends (I don't mean GF's here) who can support them...And there is a International Men's day it and you will find it...we don't need it even you will agree...Also I can quote hundred's of examples where girls have been jilted...and I don't think that taking a few liberties is so serious an offence specially when they have been exploited so much since so long...and they are the reason for the wars and quarrels coz they have been treated like a trophy to be won and put on the mantel place...Basically I think we still haven't come of age as far as giving women the due respect...

    But the most important thing you have written really well and its good to read a different perspective always... :)

  2. 1. are u taking dating tips? trying to understand the dating system? wondering hw it wrks :P irada kya hai :P hehe

    2. by tht statement u decide that its actually a woman's world !!! so wht do u expect then? women to approach men and distribute their numbers among all the potential men of their choice and see who calls first.probably would happen where u r, bt even then wouldn't a man like u call her an easy catch? hell i wud at the cost of being called a chauvinist.

    3. i njoyed "the weaker sex". n yes a man does get sandwiched between two women. but most of thee times it is the man himself who is the bone of contention between those two women. so tht agn is self inflicted.

    4. drunken frnds fighting in a bar is silly immature but fun to watch :P

    5. it is very unfair to say tht the girl always calls it quits. i personally know of half a dozen men in my own close circuit who have refused to take responsibility for their women and casually walk out of their relationship, n go to move on ahead in life without much according to me its mostly the men who have an issue sustaining does tht turn me into a man hater. still no.coz i dnt think its men or women.its just weak human beings. n its for the best. i believe everyone deserves someone who loves them like crazy.y settle for anything lesser.i hope all the devdas' and potential devdas' are reading !!!

    6. yes men r always ready to lend a shoulder to a hrtbroken women.some take to it.some r stuck up with the baggage of memories & denial and questions like hw cud it have beeen avoided, what cud have been done differently.either ways a woman still takes her will jump on the first thing tht comes their way.use their sob stories to women.sometimes out of vengence.sometimes just to get over the first one.a male frnd once said when questioned abt his integrity "yeh sab toh hoga hi.its a normal process of evolution:P its called moving on".women are capable of crying for a stupid jackass they loved for years. duh, havent u seen KKHH :P

    7.abt queues and soaps.. u rlly cant so anything abt it so y bring it up..

    8. first men shud practice remembering anniversaries then can they complain abt buying gifts :P

    9. TV Ads ! ur mad. roflmao & no comments

    10.Duryodhan shud try and watch an episode of "YO Momma". probably he'll learn a thing or two abt backlash. n not resort to such extreme measures the next time.

    11. Ravan must have been a delhi dude before eventually shifting base to lanka.

    12.u can also try try using ur smile.after all u r the "enchanting kapil" (read some woman describe u like tht in one of ur previous post.

    attempt at humour? cud definitely be much better. bt hell its good for a start.LOVED IT.

  3. I liked your new blog theme !! .. Looks clean, decent and perfectly colored :)

    And on the topic, as a married man, I do think that it's a women's world :)

  4. @ Rakhee: Thanks but the point where you stay its good for them to have a few liberties after so much oppression makes me think you are in favor of

    @Soham : Thank you

    @Harshada: I like the 11th point. I make use of 12th but it doesn't really work. And from 1 to 6 is a topic for a lengthy good discussion

    1. its such an interesting topic. y rnt ppl posting replies ?

    2. @ These are the side effects of having non bloggers as members and not having a facebook page to publicize it


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