Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Month of LOVE

              Some say what's so special about Valentine's day. You should love your partner and everybody else no matter what day or month of the year it is. I agree. So true but still this month and this day gets the romantic best out of most people in the world. Hey, it's the only day even my dad turns romantic and gets something for my mom. This month gets the special out of me also.

              It is this month when I produce some of the Hapless Romantic posts of my blog. I came up with Valentin's day Special  and then I tried to define what I feel about Love when I wrote Love is all about You.. Though I would still say my best post on the subject came in the month of December when I wrote That One Person.. Anyways the point is that you believe it or not, it is a Special Day and a Special Month.

               Some argue that most of the times when I write about Love, I try to beat around the bush on the topic without revealing any personal information. Well for starters, the blogs were never meant to reveal my personal info and come on , lets be honest, who cares about my personal Love Stories. I am not a celebrity, heck I do not have more than 12 followers on twitter.lol

             Personally I would feel Love is the best thing that can happen to any person. The only other feeling which comes closest to love is hate.But Love still wins. I understand that in an Indian society we have to pay alot of cost for love. In a society dominated by regional and religious differences, most people opt to be practical. This may be good as it can save you from alot of heart break but then there is nothing that makes a human more complete than the feeling of love. Yes I agree Love can be pain or some might say Love is lethal, but it is still worth the death that you would die.

            Like Alcohol drinkers would say, you do not know what you are missing till you have it. The same holds true for Love. Love is like Ectasy. It keeps you High, it keeps you happy, it makes you sing, it makes you dance or it may give pain, might make you cry but then it gives you a feeling to be alive.
          Cannot say alot as I have already said enough in the previous posts and the fact that I suck big time when it comes to show my emotions about Love, worsens the cause. Perhaps it is beyond me to talk on a feeling that beats any other thing in the world and I salute the authors who write eternal love stories. But then , you can write a love story and you still cannot explain Love.

          I would just like to end the post with an awesome line from a song that I hear almost twice a day. It just explains how much Love and the person you Love matters.
                                       " Dil hote jo, mere seene main Do
                                     Doosra Dil bhi main tumhe deta Todne Ko"

For my friends who do not know Hindi, it loosely translates as ' Even If I would have had 2 hearts, I would have given you both to break them'

To all the  wonderful people in LOVE, had been in LOVE or will be in LOVE,
 A Happy Valentine's Day!!



  1. Cool post....there has been lot written, people still writing and will continue writing about love, the feeling it gives.. What i can say is, it is that feeling where you wouldn't realize what you are doing....you might realize when you have a break off or something....or when you look back in time and think ..gosh did i really do all that ?...you rightly said it makes you high ..as alcohol.....you just go with the flow, your world shrinks down to that one person, the happyness of that person, you always want to see smile on his/her face, you always want to be with him/her, that becomes your world....you dont care about other things....just keep flowing...keep reaching out to that person.......you are right..you must be in love to feel it...just the words won't be appreciated....

    Wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day !!!
    ..may you all be in Love........always...God Bless !

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. well said "you can write a love story and you still cannot explain Love."

  4. @ Ruchi and @ Swati : Thanks!!

    @ Umesh: Thanks buddy...

    @ Harshada: What does the exclamation stand for?

    @ Gaurav Vartak: Special thanks to gaurav. He did not comment on the post but he started following me on twitter :-)

  5. U rightly said: "you can write a love story and you still cannot explain Love"
    Kyonki sirf labzon main bayaan ho jaye utna kaam kissi ko pyaar nahi karte...


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