Monday, 26 October 2009

The 'Weaker' Sex

I know what the feminists would have thought reading the title. They would either be ready to applaud or fight depending on what is the body of the post. But relax, this is not a conclusion on any gender in particular but a small humorous true incident with just a few thoughts.

I was travelling in a bus which started getting packed by each passing stop. There was a married couple sitting on the 'ladies' seat.For better imagination let me add that the bus that i was in, follows a route in the industrial belt and is packed almost 90% by the workers of the various industries. Nows soon as the bus gets completely packed, a group of women get in and rush towards the ladies seat.One of them(lets call her X) tells the man that he needs to get up as this is a ladies seat.To which the wife replied, " Kahan Likha hai?" ( where is it written?). X now gets angry with this question and starts abusing her, also showing the plate where its mentioned that this seat is a ladies seat.

Our man now wants to get up and give his seat but the wife does not allow him to. She argues, " Poora Bus hi ladies hai kya? Baki log ko uthao. Mere marad ko nahi uthaneka" ( The whole bus is ladies only.Tell others to get up and not my husband).

X now gets really angry and starts calling the bus conductor. The man now gets angry on his wife and scolds her to allow him to get up. He even stands but is forced to sit down again. The men around now start smiling. X keeps getting angrier by the minute. The bus conductor decides that it would be best for him to not interfere between the 2 women. The verbal rant between X and the wife continues for another 10 minutes in which both accusing each other to be illiterate and silly.Poor husband doesn't know where to hide his face and just keeps watching outside the window.

These are the times i feel, who is the ' weaker' sex actually? Most of the times i see a women being the reason for the pain and suffering of another woman. Have you ever seen where the main problem maker is a male. Be it 'Komolika' or 'Tapasya'.Its all the same. And its the poor male who gets caught in between this fight. Who has no option but to look out of the window or ponder as to who the weaker sex is!!

Ohh , and did i forget to mention, Adam ate the forbidden Apple because he was forced to do so by Eve.. the ' weaker'



  1. haan haan very good
    blame it on the women !
    u guys r born with a virtual halo around ur head na..

  2. no, we were not born with it!!!
    but we were not born with horns
    i hope you got the hint!!!!

  3. i think this is a case of typical MCPs.. Male Chauvinist Pigs!!

  4. HAHAHA...the poor husband.


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