Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mutual 'LIKE'

            " What do you think of that girl?" , My friend asked. "She is good" was my standard answer. "I really like her yaar", he told this for the 20th time now. "Did you find out if she likes you too?" , I asked. "Not yet but she will some day"  was his optimistic reply. A few months later the girl had a bf or got married. Now I am sure this story is a part of our life. And when I mean our life, it means we may or may not be in one of the roles of the conversation but this definately happens all around us. Alas the world has no feeling of mutual 'Like'.

              So how many of you Facebook addicts after reading the Title thought I was talking about the 'Like' button on Facebook? You losers :-) . I was not talking about that mutual feeling which is rampant in the world. You like my profile pic and I will like yours. I was talking about true feelings. Though I will be talking about this Facebook profile pic in my upcoming posts ( yes, you guessed it Right, I am learning some marketing skills) but not in this one.

              I have always been surprised that why the feeling of Like do not work similar to the feeling of Dislike. Now I have stated in my previous post 'Hate:A feeling as strong as Love:' about this feeling. The feeling of dislike or hate is always mutual. You hate somebody and with time the person hates you back. It always happens. And I can say that by personal experience too cause I hate everybody and everybody hates me.:-) This statement also takes out the angle (if you did develop it) that I am ranting about it cause I got recently dumped.  And I think mutual dislike is fair enough but alas when it comes to love or like we forget fairness.

             It is important to have this feeling mutual. And no I am not talking about the people who like everybody. When I Like or Dislike somebody I give the person enough importance to harbor this feeling about him. So people who say they like everybody just means that they are self centered ego maniacs who do not care about anybody or find anybody important enough to show any kind of feeling towards that person. So stay away from such people unless if that person is Like Mother Teresa who loved all people.

             Coming back to the topic, how I wish this feeling was mutual. And I do not mean to say Love.You may not Love the person who loves you. I am talking about Like. If all people we liked, liked us back the world would have been a better place to stay.We could have avoided so many wars and lies. The whole world would have been happy with a proper distinction of Likes and Dislikes.

PS: All those people who are members of the site or comment, I like you all so please like back the post cause frankly I am not sure what I wrote, why I wrote what I wrote and if it makes the same sense for which I wrote, what I wrote being confused of why I wrote.



  1. I was one of the loser :) ...thinking it is about facebook

  2. I think one of the reasons why you won't always find two people mutually liking each other is the one that you stated in the above post. Because people dislike each other mutually. So even if you have two people - say A and B - out of whom the A likes B, but B dislikes A, then you will have their relationship going downhill. The reason is that, B is very likely to treat A in a very untoward manner. This will eventually lead to A's opinion about B taking a negative turn.

    One might argue that things may go in the opposite direction and that B may end up liking A. But that is a very rare case scenario, most likely to happen if A is extraordinarily patient with B (in which case it is more likely that A loves B - and I am talking about the broader definition of love).

  3. I have one word for you. EGO !


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