Saturday, 12 February 2011

Valentine's Day Special!!!

       Thanks to Archies and many other companies, these days we may not know our Republic Day but we all know when Valentine's Day is. And you truly cannot blame the young generation for this. They are just learning with what they are exposed to. No greeting company or any shopping site makes such a propaganda for our national language Hindi Diwas or for any other day for that matter. So very frankly it is we who are creating the culture that is been created.

 Anyway this post was not to blast on the day. After all it is a special day. This day makes even a person like me to write about Love. The last year on this same day i wrote my post 'Love is all about you'. Maybe the more popular post 'That One Person' was not timed perfectly but that was just an example that guys do think about Love even without the Valentine day being near.

 I have always liked the day. It just forces you to express your love towards your loved ones. And for most of the common people who spend 364 days earning their daily bread and getting no time neither the motivation to show their emotions, this day gets the better of them. I still remember my first Valentine. She lived in the flat below ours. We called her 'Laksmi Aunty'. We shared Valentine cards and gifts for many years. Later We left the place and could not even keep in touch. I guess I will see her again either when I get married or if her daughter gets married earlier than me. For those who did not understand she was a lady with a daughter as old as me. She was my first Valentine.

 I cannot exactly remember how it started but I do have a faint idea. I and my elder brother used to play cricket at home when my mother was not around. Ya, that's right, guys do everything when parents are not at home. And the sound of the ball and we running used to disturb auntie alot specially cause she had a newborn kid as well. She kept complaining about us but we did not stop. So one day to please her I decided to send her a Sorry card. That never happened but when I was still 11, my mother gave me the idea to send her a card on Valentine's day and that is how it all started. Those years were fun. What was also worth noticing if you are a college going kid that every year on this day all the single guys and gals would try to look their best. Best clothes On. And all the committed people would bunk the college. So this day actually tells you if the girl you like is single or committed ;-). As for me, I always liked to create a mystery, so on this day I used to attend college only for half day. lol

 Later also Valentine day gave the unromantic guys like me an opportunity to express our love through gifts. Now I do not want to go into details that I do not feel Love is only about romance. And the reason why I don't want to start on it is cause I already have a full post on this topic on last year V day. I and my brother also started forcing my Dad every year to get Mom a gift on this day. Later it became his habit. So however busy he would be he would still get a small gift for my mom. At times a single rose but that would still make my Mom's day. And this is the reason why I like this day. It gives us an opportunity to express our love towards all our loved ones. Though a few people do not understand that V day is celebrated among all the loved ones and not just a single relationship.

 And for the politics behind it, it is more fun. The same guys who oppose this day forget that it is because of this special day alot of farmers in the village earn alot of money. The demand for roses in this week supersedes the demand in the entire year. The poor farmers grow roses and get a chance to make a good living. So all those corrupt politicians trying to save them should rather make a point to propagate this day even more.

 With this I would like to urge all to use this day as an opportunity to tell all the people who love you and take care about you that you love them too. Your parents, your siblings , your grandparents and even your teachers everybody who cares or loves you, go to them, wish them and tell them that you love them.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. As other blogs this one also is very nicely written...
    I read your blog very closely... In first para u talk about not celebrating Republic day or Hindi Diwas as big as Valentines and according to you the reason is big companies like Archies along with young genx. Where as by the end of your blog in second last para you talk about politicians to propogate this day...

    So what is your actual stand to propogate celebrate or not?

    My perspective - True other days are not celebrated as much as this but reason is business. If government or for that matter any organization or association launches some business to propogate Hindi diwas or other days, I bet even those days will be celebrated evenly. Still Valentine's day will always have an edge.
    Also it depends which age group is more inclined towards what!!! An adult won't spend unnecessarily on celebrating any day, but youngsters will spend everything on valentine's day to make it special no matter they keep doing this every year till they are matured enough.

    Well about this day, I do like it for the reason that it gives me another reason to surprise my dear ones!!!

    Finally this goes to our long lived friendship dude, wish you a very Happy Valentines Day!!!
    Take care!!! :)

  2. There is nothing new that I am commenting. You are improving on writing with every blog. As Parashar said, nicely written..!

    You have improvised on writting a lot (if I compare your writing YoY)

    Blog content interesting as you provide a new angle to Valentines day celebration.

    As fas as your contradict view is concerned, I agree with Parashar.Only that Parashar succeeded in commenting on it before me...!

  3. since the time i became aware of vday i was of the opinion of leaving atleast this 1 day to the lovers. every other relationship seems to have its own day..

  4. @ Para : My view is that we should give all day its equal importance...
    And I have nothing against this day. I like the day too. Appreciate your comments

    @ jeenal: thanks

    @ harshada : Y do lovers need one day?? if u love then make sure you have all 365 days to show your love and be happy..other days are not so well known so let the true sense of the day be. Don ask for a quota for the indian reservation system

  5. Happy Valentines Day my dear Kapil.

  6. hey i have been reading your blogs regularly
    like it to a great extent specially bcoz you have presented your own perspective in it.

    Keep on wrting

  7. @ rakesh: thanks dude

    @uma and anamika: thanks and wish you the same...

  8. lovers need more than a day!!! lolz.. but seriously they have all but not everyday can be celebrated.. reasons are very practical.. busy life n all dat... n when i mean celebration i mean making it overtly special... so we have birthdays to celebrate togetherness and anniversaries to the relationship.. valentines day is just a celebration of being a couple.. being a proud part of the lovers communities world over.. actively indulging in the dramatically romantic shenanigans (hope i have spelt it right) on that particular day... i am not against generally expressing affection.. i mean if someone is really special and does mean a lot there is no harm in using this day to show them what they mean to you, neednt be a lover as such.. but wishing every other person as though it is some kinda festival that the nation celebrates is what i find silly... me being me i would still leave this day to the lovers and not take away from the romance it brings along with it...

    also the colur red never looks like the way it does on feb 14th.. lol.. seriously.. notice kabhi...


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