Saturday, 7 May 2011

Facebook vs Blogging

        Recently I read one of my friend’s blog which mentioned how a blog can be used to know a person more. As blogging is something that is done to express your thoughts about topics you may or may not discuss with others. That was quite a nice way to look at it. And that provoked my mind to compare these two. The all time favourite Facebook versus blogging.
        I agree that these 2 sites or features may be different but there are plenty of similarities too. Both are used to communicate on a social level and both can be used to express your ideas and you moments of life across to the general society. And still the level of these 2 are so different. I can vaguely compare it to our telecom revolution. Blogging is like Vodafone few years back when they charged incoming calls too whereas facebook was like Reliance, Everybody had one irrespective of one's needs and status. Similarly everyone these days have a facebook profile, even people I know who cannot pronounce the word computer correctly and may not know anything about it except switching it on and using Facebook.
     The biggest difference I saw between them was truth. A Facebook profile is mostly used to display to the world about all the good things of your life and it’s all about how 'cool' your life is. It is a bunch of lies with public display of affection to showcase to the world. Heights were reached when I see a few people having a romantic conversation with their loved ones on Facebook and wishing their parents happy anniversary on Facebook. In the need to be showcased as something you are not, people have broken the social laws that at one time dominated in our culture. And it looks like the need of the hour. It has gone to the extent that prominent psychologists believe that many of us are suffering from what they call 'facebook envy syndrome'
    Blogging on the other hand is a display of your thoughts and emotions that are true to yourself. It is about spreading the ideas you want to share. There is no need to have your best pic on display or list out all your tiny achievements of life. It requires some serious thought process to blog. I would so agree that to really know a person check out the blogs of that person rather than a social networking profile.

    I am not a person who hates social networking sites. As a human I also feel the need to showcase the world that what a 'cool' guy I am (I can also fake it if you think I am not like others fake . It definitely also has a few advantages like it reminds you of birthdays. Cause it hurts me that every year I forget to wish my oldest chuddy buddy Parashar on his birthday. I am very bad with dates and he knows that and still he believes in all the excuses I give him to be late.( sorry you).

   One of the other similarity is like facebook blogging can also help you keep in touch with your friends. The only thing is most people do not realize that like being a friend on facebook has no major implications similarly being a follower on blogs is also just to keep in touch and know when they post their thoughts. People however take the word 'follow' too seriously. they would avoid that though you would never avoid adding someone as a friend. Anyway, thats people, I am drifting from the topic :-)

  With both being compared in my mind I have no doubts to agree that I would always give more importance to someone's blogs to know the real person. And knowing the real person in the world where we fake so much would definitely be more worthy.



  1. Hehehe... lol... When I started reading I was thinking of putting that in my comment (about remembering the birth dates)... But since you accepted it all I can say is no need to add anyone and everyone, just add people you know and that way u can see their birthdays... Well that's your choice...

    You say that one cannot know a real person on FB whereas one can on Blogging...
    My view on this is you don't need to know or learn about any1 from FB. You keep in touch with people you know through FB. It is cheap and easy way to be in touch. Ofcourse people are posting numerous irrelevant and unnecessary posts, but that does not take away the goods of FB...

    Secondly, no doubt you get to know the person from his/her blogs. But u have to accept the face that not everyone are good at expressing their thoughts through blogging. Not everyone writes or expresses like you do... So they do find other ways of doing it. There are many who don't express at all in any way...
    I'll talk about myself, I do read moderately and blog not much. Infact I haven't written since past 10 months or so. But I do like expressing thru blogging...

    Anyway, my point is dont use FB to know people. Use it to keep in touch with people you know... I strongly recommend people to express thru blogging. I hope I put my post sooner...

    One more thing, you can very well use your FB account to spread the message or your thoughts through your blogs posted on FB...
    Wat say???

    BTW, love u too... tc...

  2. aaawwwwweeeeee male PDA. how mmmuuuussshhhhh :P

    para dont sypathize too much with him. ladkiyo ka bday barabar yaad rehta hai isko. haha..

    just one question.. how in the world did u know so much abt fb if u didnt have an account? ;P bolo bolo...

    Ps: i also want my name featured in ur post..

  3. para, apna blog link share kar na..

  4. Harshada:

  5. i guess then even i should start blogging at this note :)

  6. @ raka: y not?? I know you are often should definitely write

    @para: You are a big FB

    @ harshada: I forget dates..irrespective of gender and

  7. caste?? this is not wht i meant wen i made my suggestions :P

  8. Now just stop justifying and open a damn fb account. Para is not a fb fan he just takes it for what it is. And there's something called 'notes' in fb where people post write their thoughts. Many ppl have stopped blogging since. It's a nice one stop shop where ur notes reach more people thru fb. Cz there are few bloggers n fewer followers. I know a frend who is a regular blogger. She started using fb's notes later. She hadnt visited her actual blog since so long that one day she realized its deactivated! So frend u can argue no more on this. Tera blogging vs fb debate close kar diya aaj maine. Cz fb ne blogging ko bhi kha liya hai. N now they hav integrated email too. It's a virusssss kapil....tu bach nahi paega!! Haha!

  9. jab tak hai jaan , jaane jahan, main bachoonga....

  10. Nice post...When I began reading, i thought it will be a boring post with all technical stuff.
    What you said is right, Facebook is a show off and in blogging, you are expressing yourself!

    village girl


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