Thursday, 21 April 2011

Anna Hazare:Can we really trust you??

  These days alot of media hype is created for everything around. So no one is unaware of why Anna Hazare is on the news these days.From twitter to buzz and from facebook to orkut, you are everywhere. I am sure you would have done better things in the past but the kind of popularity you got now due to these social networking sites would have surpassed your expectations. We have read about you everywhere these days and about how the youth is making sure you succeed.But call me what you want, I have my doubts on your credibility.

  Let us talk about your team first. I recently read that a famous lawyer has filed a court case against you stating that the stand you have taken for the JanLokpall bill is constitutionally illegal. The same guy has asked certain questions about your team.Shanti and Prashant Bhushan had defended Dawood in the Mumbai Bomb Blast case as an advocate. There are speculations that the fees paid to them came from the 'hawala'. There is still no answer about it. Also they had a case in which they have bought property worth crores in just one lakh ruppees where they stayed on rent. The agreement was made in 1966 and these expire after 3 years. But they sued the property owner and then came to a compromise to buy the property for one lakh only. With such kind of people in your team, I sincerely doubt your credibility to represent the public.

  I was highly amused when I heard you are being compared to Gandhi. I am not a big Gandhi fan and I love the violent revolutionaries more but I am no fool to deny that Gandhi had a big role to play in our Independence. He achieved a lot through his fasting but modesty was his second name. He never came across in videos telling public that the last time he fasted there were so many changes that happened. What you did was signs of being proudy and so any comparison made with Gandhi is literally insulting the father of the nation. He had his moral held too high and head held low. There are doubts on your moral and your proudy comments on videos make you look like a slimy achiever.

  I would not doubt that you have done alot of social activities but asking the 5 members to join the lokpal committee is not constitutional. Has the public elected them to be represented. Or are you and your people the unelected self proclaimed public representatives. I would wonder why have you not contested any election yet. It would have surely made you worthy to get a bill in the house. If you really cared, that was a way you could have taken. Also the Lokpal bill was originally Indira Gandhi's Idea and I do not see due credit given to the creditor. All I hear is Anna fasting and how you can change the country.

 The youth supports you but playing with the minds of the youth is not that difficult. These same youth came on road for Arushi murder case and for everything later that was hyped by the media. And mind you it is the same media that was recently exposed in the Nira Radia scam. The youth is not focused and you know that. Nor can we trust the media who has inspired the youth to come down and support you.Are you taking advantage of this to be shot in fame?

  Your intentions may be good or may not. I am no one to judge that. Nor am I so popular to influence even 5% of the majority that has held you high in the heaven. But the fact is that with all these factors, It is difficult for me to trust you and your ways and I would try all I can to ensure that the people I talk to realize this too.
Hoping that though there are doubts in your credibility, You stand for a good cause.


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  1. Kapil, what you are saying is true that he has got too much fame through social networking sites and our beloved media...
    The famous lawyer you are talking about is honest to what extent? If his team members supported Dawood or any other criminal act then this is a shame what is happening now...
    Eventually, I was shocked when he was compared to Gandhi.
    But the flaw is within our system. They have not upgraded the judicial laws after what British left it to be. But ever since there has been use of new techmology to commit crimes...
    Our system has millions of cases pending. If that was not the case and if our judisial system was truly capable of dealing all the cases prominently, then all the scams and corruption would have had a completly different face. Whoever it would be Anna Hazare or any other person the system must be capable to honestly judge and find the truth and support the country to progress.
    Now, this has come to the point where I just cant imagine how and when will all this be cleaned...

  2. Well, I have my reservations too about Anna Hazare, but one cannot deny the fact that it was his stance against corruption that galvanised the entire movement in the favour of re-introducing the Lokpal bill.

    I am no big fan of Anna Hazare and I am not even sure of his past achievements; but this is for certain - he has captured the attention of the nation. I'm all up for fight against our venal politicians and if some 'Anna Hazare' is leading the fight - power to him.

    You see, we as a country are at cross-roads today: with our potential for growth and our booming economy, we have a bright future - we could be the next economic super power; on the other hand, the corruption, briberies, red tapism are detrimental to our growth. If we want to see the real 'India Shining', such a revolution is the need of the hour.

    However, equating Anna Hazare to Gandhi (let me be forthcoming here - I'm not the biggest fan of Gandhi) is plain simple stupidity. But you have to realise that its not Anna Hazare that is trying hard to get into the hearts of the people --- its our media with little or no journalism standards that does so. Why do you think Anna Hazare got all the publicity he got? Not because he tried too hard, its because our media is paranoid and the race to telecast the latest 'breaking news' obviously translates into huge revenue. In the process, if they add some 'mirch-masala', that makes the news even more tasty.
    When Shahid Afridi said that Indian media is the worst of its kind, I understood what he meant, but many took it offensively. We Indians have to realise that our media is manipulating us!!! After staying here in the UK for more than a year, I have realised that our journalism standards have hit rock-bottom - sad but true.

    Having said all that I have said above, the actual implementation of Lokpal bill is still decades away. Let's see if the start we have got here translates into something constructive...

  3. Kapil, I have always liked your blogs. But this one, I think is a waste of time and efforts for you. Let there be a janLokpall bill or whatever, India won't change, system won't change, people will still pay Rs 20 to mama and get escaped by cutting red light, we will have to pay bribe to get our work done in govt offices right from birth certificate to death certificate. I think you should not waste your energy and writing about topics which are made just to make janta fool. There was another aspect for Anna's stunt and approval of the same and that is, the time when Anna started all this, there were state elections in 4 states and govt had not other choice than to approve his demands..have we ever seen any demand being approved by govt in 3 days ? ..unless it is salary rise bill for MPs or MLAs, where it gets approved without opposition. anyways, i again insist & request you not to waste your energy on such topics instead spend that effort to create parody out of it :). Take Care buddy !!

  4. good to read opposite side...

  5. very insightful kapil & umesh.. well researched.. but i agree with ash's point of views to a large extent.. y be cynical.. corruption is at its extreme.. someone has to take a stand against it.. altho all of us may be a part/victim of such corruption at some time or the other none of us stand up to it.. n yes the system is to blame for it.. but how bloddy long r we going to just sit down n blame the system.. we as common ppl in the grind of our daily lifes may not have the time or the inclination to deal with the issue.. but it is also a fact that if we dont deal with it our future generations and their future generations as well may be the victims of such corruption.. our parents complained abt the system, now we are n so will our children.. there has to be an end to it.. n this is just the begining of the end.. anna has only made a start.. atleast he has taken the initiatve.. n publicity is a good thing when it is for a good cause.. so wht if he is gaining a lil from it.. wht is the max he can do with such publicity?? atleast the issue gets dealt with.. it may still take time before it is actually correctly and effectively dealt with, but atleast it is a start.. atleast it'll push our legal heads to find a solution for things arther than to sit down n do nothing abt it coz the public aint complaining.. also i agree with ash when he says its more of a media frenzy than anna himself.. think abt how it wud be if the media ws this agressive in the gandhian time.. probably we wud have gotten freedom earlier, who knows !.. the media may have their own personal agenda but they have sure helped create a nation wide furore.. the media and the people themselves need to maintain the pressure so tht this issue doesnt die down like every other "sansani khez kahabar" in the next few months... c the bottom line is, we dont have the time to fight, all we do is crib abt the system, so if someone is doing it for us y not just support him rather than questions his intentions n count wht he is getting outta it.. look at the big picture.. if the end result is a better India tomorrow well give the man all the publicity he needs.. its a very small price to pay for a corruption free nation..

    also y do u mock the youth coming out on the raods.. shudnt u be happy tht the youth today still care do to such things.. fine then ur argument wud be tht its not much for ppl who have a lot of time on hand to spare a day or two.. but isnt it better to have them bother abt the larger good of society than lesser imp silly, juvinile and trivial issues.. show some respect so even they feel tht they are contributing to a good cause so tht they r inspired enuf to do something with their lifes rather than wasting it on reality shows.. and isnt tht the whole point.. coz we dnt have the time to come out on the roads these ppl r doing it for us.. LETS FOCUS ON THE ENDS THAT WE ASPIRE TO ACHIEVE RATHER THAN THE MEANS USED TO ACHIEVE IT.. EVEN A LIL BIT OF IMPROVEMENT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.. lets be poositive and encouraging.. how will being cynical do us any good anyways.. or for the cynical ppl let me put it this way.. if these guys r using social issues for publicity let us as a society have them do all the ground work for wht we want.. a better future..

  6. the only reason they seem to be comparing him to gandhi is the hunger strike n nothing else.. well wht can we say some news channels r just too filmy.. someone go tell them tht in this day n age the only ppl still resorting to violence to get wht they want are the pakis(those guys are retarded and beyond help, sometimes they themselves ae not sure what they r fighting for).. even the shiv sena and the man sena seemed to have stopped doing tht now.. so yes tht is just fr entertainment.. lets just take it with a pinch of salt..

    half of the politicians out there were criminals at some point of time or the other.. isnt tht the basic requirement to be a politician in our country.. how does tht make or a valid argument? let us not be like the open bowl of cockroaches pulling each others legs.. let us support him to get what we want for us whilst pushing hard for transparency of procedures.. lets continue to publicise the issue and not let it die down even if the ppl involved seem to get their share of the limelight in the bargain..

  7. @ Para ,@ Ashish: I truly understand your sentiments that let the fight be on. But the whole point is that whom do we select to lead the fight. The youth today is like a pack of sheep, a wrong shepherd and we all go to the wolves. With Anna hazare having so many controversies behind him, the politicians have it easy. They would say " Let he who is without sin cast the first stone'.
    Also I was not happy to see the comparison which youguys agree and his videos stating his past achievements. Surely not signs of a good leader.

  8. @ Umesh: A very good point of the timings. Election time. That is definitely a point to be thought about. And as far as the other comments are made, I can understand it is frustration towards the system (plus it is appraisal but All i want is that the fools out there making him Gandhi should understand the difference. As said, I am no bif influentia guy but i would like to make a difference to a few minds.

    @ Mani: Thanks

  9. @ Harshada: I agree to a few points. But to reply to your comments would be a blog of its own. It is not beinf cynical, as I have mentioned above the intent is just to make aware to the unmatured minds of the youth that there are things beyond what the corrupt media shows you. We are being used by the media and a few leaders and it is time we need to understand that.
    Also can we have a better future or improvements when the people in the Lokpal comittee have such background. With them as Lokpals we are just giving another group a chance to make some big money through illegal ways.
    And no i do not agree that violence is not going to fetch you anything. The publicise the isse is not going to get you anywhere. Within days the youth will have a new face to follow and a new reason to block roads.
    And last but not the least...its not coackroaches, the saying is for Crabs..coackroaches do not do that, if they would have, they would not survived so many million years. :-)

  10. guys, read this link too

  11. suresh chaudharyMay 01, 2011 11:20 pm

    It doesnt matter to me what was the lawyers Duo Past. what matter is their current deeds. it doesnt matter to me that they themselves has earned money by wrong ways as alleged by some people. But at least someone dared these politicians by bringing the lokpal bill into discussion. It is the beginning. Let the politician Knows that Corruption is not their Birthright.Anna lagey raho, we are indirectly in support with you.


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