Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Your View or Mine??

           I love watching 'The Big Bang Theory'. Specially Sheldon who has an opinion about everything and would never feel or accept that he is wrong. His behavior creates comedy that people enjoy so much but these days I have come across people who behave the same and in real life, It is more of a frustration than Comedy. Perhaps Sheldon can do it as he has an IQ of above 180 and has achieved alot in his young age, plus its reel life. The same when done in real life by people as ordinary as you and me irritates.

           I am one of those fools who do like to give their opinions to people if I have one. I am not blessed with the kind of people who have the patience and the maturity to say "Jane de" (Forget it man!!) whenever they come across a nerd who is not open to opinions. I always felt that perhaps I need to make the other person aware that there is a different view to the same thing and It has led me to many arguments with people.

            It is good to be firm of your beliefs but when it comes to a point where your mind somehow gets closed to all other opinions that do not match yours is certainly not a good point to reach. We forget that modesty is a great virtue. Alot was achieved even before we were born and alot may be achieved by others who will be born later. Keeping our minds closed to others is like the frog who stays in the well. He may be the king of the well but outside there is a whole different world to be faced.

            Recently I had a discussion with someone who was not ready to accept the fact that no single person or thing can be blamed for a vicious circle of society. The argument led to a point where he started stating that if you do not have solutions ,you should not speak of problems. Perhaps he wanted to curb our fundamental right of speech. It later ended when I quit arguing. They taught me in school that one should never argue with a fool as people watching may not know the difference. Somehow I always forget that. Also one of the disadvantages of arguing with people who do not have an open mind is that they get personal which then becomes unhealthy argument.

           However this seems to be the biggest concern I have today about people. Why are we not ready to accept opinions that do not match ours. Why cannot we have an open mind which might learn alot when we hear others talking. I have always felt that when I listen to people who do not match my opinions, It always teaches me something. I being a big Congress hater always blamed Gandhi and Congress for partition. However in a recent argument with my roomie, he spoke that India was already divided by British and so these guys are not to be blamed. With his one sentence I realised how I was not thinking of events prior to 1920s and It opened my mind. I learnt alot. I always felt that if you argue with an open mind and try keeping your personal beliefs aside, they will be a good learning event.

            Perhaps it is time I need to decide that either I quit giving opinions and let people just believe in what they do by touching one part of the Elephant or I decide that lets play dirty. Perhaps maturity teaches you to do the former and youth do the latter. This seems to be a quaterlife crisis question now.. lol



  1. I liked the content. Good writing.

  2. Me too buddy... Good one...

  3. @ prajakta and para : thanks!!!

  4. 1. u r not a nerd

    2. baaton me ghumane ka talent leke paida hua hai tu

    3. ppl (cough, me) do let it go when u relentlessly impose ur opinion :P

    4. yes its imp to keep an open mind, but i would definitely question getting into an argument without having conviction in ur stand..

    5. when the opposite persons opinion backed with valid reasoning may influence ur open mind its called a discussion not an argument...

    6. i love sheldon

    ur post construction takes the cake here, consistency personified start to finish..


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