Thursday, 14 April 2011

So What's New????

        I have pondered time and again on this question. What would be the correct answer for it? The search to find a right answer to this question is becoming like the Bermuda triangle. The more you ponder and read, the more you get confused. And this seems to be becoming the next favorite question after 'how are you'. After years of schooling they taught me to answer this with Fine, Thank You and now the world has come up with another question, "What's new?"
      The question in itself is so tricky.So how do I answer it? Do I have to tell the person that Since I am not aware or I cannot recollect when and what we spoke last, I do not know what things in my life will be new for you. But than this answer is so rude and defies the basic social ethics. Nobody answers that I am having a troubled life to the how are you, no wonder how much trouble they are in, even to the extent of contemplating suicide. So let's pass this out. Since we cannot counter question, let us come up with a tactical answer.

     I had actually started doing a lot of new things in Life. I have bought a guitar and have joined classes here to learn how to play it. I have started playing Lawn Tennis which I thought I would never do. I have learnt how to play Basketball. But then should I be answering the question with these details. How about the person thinking this when you answer, "O Man, I just asked, why has he started bragging or telling me about the sports he play".Or should I tell them that I have actually started studying different religions of the world and their beliefs and read books that show Hitler's positive side. If i tell that, they would be like, "Boss, what are you up to? Everything OK? "

    Now there is something new happening always in your life. These days I learned how to tackle the most irritating and egoistic people around me with a calm composure and without being logically incorrect. I also learned that how some people have the spirit to try new things without thinking about the nonsensical social stigmas of age.I love them for the spirit and it teaches me alot. But if i start talking all this when I reply to the question, the next I know is they might start feeling either I am getting too philosophical in life or I am a super bore.So, No this won't be the right answer.

    I feel I have mastered the art of cooking. As I can cook all the things in the world in the same style and with the same taste. :-) So even If i try cooking something new, Practically its not new as it tastes the same be it Cauliflower or Chicken. So though there are so many new things happening, I cannot answer the toughest question posed to me ever. The best I come up with is, "Nothing new, All is same"!!!

   Anyway, just forget about my ranting, you tell me, "What's new?" :-)



  1. Exactly, the best answer that I thought right when I started reading this blog was "Nothing new, as usual..."

    My answer for now is, nothing new little busy these days.

  2. when i saw the topic i thot u were going to update us on ur status.. started reading n wondered 'y this topic?' after the first para.. but thereon it really picked pace.. odd topic to write on but it made quite an interesting read sans the 1st para..

    so whts new? well if u do have a few new things going on in life there may be ppl who actually wanna know wht u have been upto... so there its good to share.. who knows u may be helping them out with ideas on wht to do with their free time... lol.. but yes there are ppl who only ask for formality sake.. n then u ranting abt ur acivities in the recent past may only make them regret asking... well most of the times updates make for good conversation... but yes tht is agn if u have fun enuf things abt urself to share.. this question becomes a real pain when u have nothing going on in life.. if u answer "nothing" when ppl r genuinely enquiring they shall wonder wht a waste to u r to be spending ur time doing nothing.. n dunno wht to ask next, so start bombarding u with things tht they have been upto whether u asked for it or no.. some ppl ask only so tht they can start filling u in.. it may also be an embarassing fact to admit tht u have nothing going on when the world around is passing u by at jet speed.. fact of the matter is tht one should try and find interesting answers to these questions not in the word but in act indeed.. not only does it make for quality time but also quality conversations..

    then again when u dnt wanna share stuff with a particular person or u r too bored too fill em in the best answer would be "nothing new, same old".. but it comes with a risk of being tagged uninteresting..

    giving them atleast one new development in life is a safest option.. moderate between exteremes.. this way u wont come accross as a loser or a braggart..

    having something new to tell is good but not possible at every given point of time..

    ps: sometimes when i am really pissed off i feel like asnwering it with " tujhe kya karna hai, kaam kar apna. stop nosing around in my life.".. lol


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