Thursday, 12 August 2010

And the US Revolted...

No, for those who know I am in USA, I am not talking about the USA revolting against me. Though I know I have the caliber where the entire nation can come together and say that it's enough. We have taken alot of your shit but not him....But that did not happen. I am not talking about that revolt.This revolution happened in the earlier centuries.Its not in the history. Guess you have watched 'Lagaan' and know the famous AB dialogue where he says " kahani itihass k panno main kahin kho gayi..." something of that sort :-)

I noticed about this revolution as soon as I landed in this country. Gave it a thought for 2 weeks and then decided that let me pen this great revolution which our history books missed.May be if I earn even half the money Aamir khan earned with Lagaan, I would be more than glad. As soon as i was out on the road I noticed people driving on the wrong side of the road. ( Ya, that's what we thing 'wrong side' and not 'other side'). I was aware of this fact earlier but watching it was just the start where I thought about the great revolution. People sitting in the cars on the left side and driving on the right. That's not what we do in India as we follow the English.

Now here's the real punch. Long time ago, the English rules the entire world. Almost. it included Australia and US also. Suddenly the US people ( since they are more advanced then us, the woke up early and did not wait for 150years before starting the fight for independence) woke up and decided that enough of this shit. We revolt against the English. And that day they decided we would do everything against them.

That's when they started driving on the other side. :-) And they did not stop. They decided to do everything opposite. We normally feel that people living on credit are not so good and debit card is preferred. Here they would charge you more if you are using your debit card. Only credit cards would work in some places. Credit history is the most important. So what matters is how much you take credit and re-pay it. If you have enough money that you can pay all be debit you would be considered a fool. Even the law needs credit history. They decided that we would change the direction of electrical switches. So if in India ( we are strong UK followers ok ) we push the switch down as ON, here you would have to push it up. I mean common..and if you feel its weird wait till i tell you this.....

And do not mind if I am being gross,but they revolted against the English even in the loo. Normal Loo's will be empty. You do your work,flush and go back.Here they are filled with water. I mean what the hell!!! The first place i saw it , i thought the drainage might be choked.(please do not assume, the water was crystal clear). Later i realised that's how the Loo's here are.
You know there would be many things like that. I would not count them on but that's the great revolution the US guys did. They went opposite in everything the English did. But sadly " Ye kahani bhi itihass k panno main kahi kho gay"


Disclaimer: All the above information is purely my thoughts and I do not have any evidence to support my claims for the great

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