Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Law of conservation of FUN....

I know you are not surprised. After my theory of balance, this will not be a very unexpected topic. And as usual I came up with this law not after some real deep philosophical studies but soon after I finished doing 'bakwaas' with my friend Amol.Now people who do not know him much, he is a guy who will not be very talkative but his brain is made up of some real practical world examples and laws.I am sorry but I cannot quote most of them here. My posts are more like family movies you see. Some things have to be avoided :-)

So back on the topic, we all are aware of laws from great people.Like the law of Rajnikant, he says "For every action,there is an equal and opposite reaction, but when Rajnikant does some action, there is no reaction". Similarly we have the law of conservation of fun, "Fun can neither be created nor destroyed.It can only be transferred from one time to another". Makes sense right? Children who do not have fun in school or colleges are assumed to study well and make more money later.They have their share of fun in the later stages of life.So its only a matter of time when you have your fun. It, like energy, is constant. You can have fun at only some point of time.Now there can be n number of examples which can be told to prove it. I just gave one and Iam sure I will not be giving more.I want you guys to ponder on it and later agree to me ;-)

My colleagues assume I am having fun when I am on site.But it is not actually true.I am here for the money right. You cant be said to have fun when you have to go back home from office and cook your own food. And specially this to someone who is not used to even have a glass of water by self.Its not fun. But I have the money coming. Now as per Einstein, energy and mass are inter-convertible.similarly as per our law, Money and fun are inter-convertible. So now I am not having fun but money , later I can have the fun and spend that money.Seems like these guys (the newtons and group) have not only given us laws of science but also laid the foundation for real world laws that govern the world.

Again this is on the assumption that I would have the privilege to spend the money I earn. But lets say ,I get married. Now every married man knows that they can never calculate the cost of their marriage, cause they pay till they die. Then I may not be able to convert the money to fun. Or may be i can, but my theory of balance would come into picture.The total amount of fun remains constant.Yes that's right, its the theory of balance coming into play. God bless the soul who came up with that theory.

What!! Is it getting confusing? Do not mind, you would understand with time. Even the Theory of Relativity was understood by very very few people in the start. It was also as confusing as these laws and theories of mine. Or may be its confusing me also!! I think I should quit and end this post and go and have some fun.


PS: I just read back what I wrote. The first thing that came on my mind was' What Crap!!' ;-)


  1. Guys, I would like to know your thoughts!!!!

  2. u've lost it. vehla!!!!
    but u sure give hope to struggling souls. that may be just may be, they may get to enjoy later.
    so its not complete crap.

    although it shall most definitely be ur wife tht will njoy all ur money. so forget abt having the privilege of spending ur earnings


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