Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My Favourite Hobby

The topic looks similar na? I am sure all of us would have used this topic to write an essay in our primary schools.Those who didn't would have atleast read an essay on this topic to prepare for your English exam. And we all used to start somewhat the same..I have many hobbies but my favourite one is.... Let me guess most of us wrote reading? collecting stamps? And then we grew up we had this section in our CVs and interview papers and we wrote big words like Interacting with people bla bla.... I know we have to write such things. :-)

I always wrote the essay on Reading. it was one of my hobbies. Rather its the third best thing that i feel like doing in my life. But with time i realised reading is not my favourite hobby. Its EATING.. Alright, i know i am not fat but still its my favourite pass time :-). I just love to eat.

One incident which would prove this. I reached my station 15 minutes earlier than normal time. ( its on one of those rarest of rare occasions when i om before time). I could have done a lot of things to pass time like reading newspapers, watching people ( do not read it as 'girls' cause its Kurla station which is devoid of good looking females ) etc etc. But i chose to eat. I went on to the station canteen and asked him about the dish most of the people eat. I ordered it and started hogging. Striked a conversation with the canteen vendor while eating and he offered me a complimentary Lime soda. Cool na!! Freebies are always so nice. Anyways back to the point. I chose eating over anything else.

Now this hobby of mine has taken me to places. I have eaten ( i won't use the word Dine) in places which no normal person would think. From roadside stalls which would offer you the least hygiene to the most expensive restaurant in town. I would have eaten in almost 80 % of the well known restaurants in the city. Since i stayed in Navi Mumbai, almost every restaurant from Vashi to Panvel comes under my area and is covered. Credit also goes to a few friends who forced me into some restaurants and made me travel places for it. I remember travelling all the way to Bandra to eat in the KFC opened there. ( For people who do not know me well, travelling from my place to Bandra is quite an achievement. My friends even taunted me by saying that i would need a visa to travel there).

My habit or hobby of hogging is now well known. My colleagues keep offering me food that they get and i love them so much for doing it. My mom and close friends know that the best thing to use to curb my anger is Food.I wonder will i ever start using this hobby in my CV as well. i can very explain to my interviewer on why eating is my favourite hobby and leans to my weakness at times.The only reason, i find is justified to spend money on, is food. I would prefer a bus over a rickshaw and use the money to hog on a Vada Pav.

The love to eat is boundless.i have tasted animals ranging from ducks to kangaroos. OH i love duck the most. Anyway to wrap it up, that's my favourite hobby. i hope i have more such people with weird hobbies.

PS: the part where the canteen vendor offers me a free lime soda is fiction.lol. I am just practicing fiction to develop my writing skills :-). There are no free lunches. I paid for it

Cheers !! Keep eating!!!


  1. Jeene k liye to sab khaate hai .
    But khane k liye jeena AWESOME.......

  2. Nice writting, Practicing fiction haan ?...should not disclose such things, otherwise people will stop believing your blogs. The reason people read blogs is they are real life. :)..Another comment on Kurla girls being devoid of good looking, its a wrong comment..beauty is in the eyes of the one who is looking..and not the one whom he is looking at :))))).....lol....take care..

  3. hhhhmmmmm.... well i knew dis hobby of urs!!!! n nw u've committed u r a bigtime hogger!!! lolsss...

  4. well written..i cud judge this from d few incidents...how can i forget u finished all (except one) gulab jamuns that i brought to office(while in aberdeen)..n then d wada pav session...as well as the masala rice that i used to get for lunch(even though it was not that well prepared) :-)

    Happy eating!!! As long as u dont put on weight..its a good hobby to pursue ;-)


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