Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The RACE is ON

Gone are the days when we believed that slow and steady wins the race.Now its all about running fast. We all are part of the rat race. Just that these days the rats are becoming highly competitive and very fast.

They tell me ‘you are trying to run too fast’. Yes, I am. I am running to win. I am not on a marathon. It’s a sprint. And the only way to win is to run too fast. Yes I will fall, but the additional speed would have given me enough time to recover and join the race again.I might not enjoy the journey. Yes , I know. But I am more interested in enjoying the destination. My journey never mattered to me.

And mind it guys, its not easy. Cause I definitely see some rats in the race that have an advantage. They are either running a relay where the baton is passed or some other way. A few rats are more beautiful from the female gender and use it as an advantage. Yes, we all know men are dogs and these dogs are helping the beautiful rats. These rats have also known their importance and are using these dogs to the fullest. And did I mention the lucky rats. Yes, I do consider myself lucky but some are just luckier than me.

Now when the race is against all these, I have to run fast. I might get tired at times but I need to continue running. I might feel dejected and low but I have to continue running. I am not going to lose so soon and so easily. I know I am paying the cost but hopefully its gonna be worth it.

And did I mention that in all these races, I am also running a race to be among the good bloggers. And for that your feedback is important guys. So please comment more, suggest more and if you like it spread it more.
“ Kya karein yaar. Aadat hi kuch aisi hai ki sochte hai jo karein, duniya se acha karein!!!” :-)



  1. now whr the hell is my bottle of rat poison ???? hehehe

    my GAWD. i can actually feel the hurry that u r in thru my monitor.. makes me wonder though whether it is just for the rat race... ha ha ha.. kiddin

    but nice post. very inspiring with a strong sense of urgency !!!!

    but sahi ja rahe ho. dont worry. at the end of ur journey i think u wud be prouder than the others as ur bag of exps wud weigh more..

    talking abt the bful rats.. yaar thode skimpy kapde pehenke tum bhi try karlo, tumhari figure konsi buri hai.. hahaha

    shitttt. sorrry. i just cudnt let that pass. hehe

    wht else do i say.. u r 1 personb who cnsistently draws motivation to do better outta ur own achievements.. gotta pick a leaf or 2 outta ur book buddy.. n INSHAH ALLAH u'll do even better in life with every passing year.. lage raho Mr. Gosain

    ur blogs gettin better too so keep em coming.. cheers to ur undying spirit.. proud of u as alwaz

    ps:- keep it interactive dost, it'll help

  2. Hope running this fast is helping you...
    your blogs are definitely being spread across and people are appreciating it...

    so tumhare duniya se acha karne ki chahat puri ho rahi hai.... :)

    Keep going Mr. Gosain


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