Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Kya hoti haiii ‘Utaran’

Strange title na!! the blog was getting too negative so I opted for change. But No that’s not the only reason why I am writing this post. For people who do not know, let me introduce the title.’ Utaran’ is the name of a daily soap on the channel ‘colors’ and the title is the last line of the serial’s title song. Now for people who know me, please do not assume that finally the world has driven me to insanity and so I am watching and even writing about soap operas.

Let me give you a brief about the soap. Its based on 2 girls loving and fighting for the same guy. Now everybody knows one of them is a vamp and other the heroine. Its strange that in normal life I only see guys fighting for girls. Lucky Guy I must say or else where in our country where you have only 923 females for 1000 males do we find such cases. Ohh, I am getting diverted. Let’s continue the brief about the soap. It is actually based on one of the stories of our most famous Hindi novelist ‘ Premchand’.

One of the very strong reasons why I felt like writing about this soap was cause our beloved Mr. premchand wrote a story and finished it. He couldn’t think of more than that, but our soap scriptwriter has gone past the original story and came up with more ideas. Introducing more characters of which one is our main hero’s brother. Strangely the future says that this brother is going to fall in love with the same girl whom our hero loved. Oops, did I spill the beans?? No!! everybody knows that..lol. My father keeps saying this particular dialogue from one of the movies which goes like “ Jahan premchand ka dimaag kaam karma band kar diya wahan se scriptwriter ne sochna shuru kar diya”. Ofcourse its sarcasm as he is one of Premchand’s Fan.

Back on the story, Our hero is now forcibly married to the vamp. Its actually this which has given the scriptwriter the scope to arrange love between the good heroine and our hero’s brother. If its getting confusing, then trust me I am able to pen down the serial very nicely. One of the other interesting facts about the soap is that the vamp looks and acts much much better than the heroine. Rather the inability of the heroine to fight and her classy dialogue delivery (pun intended) makes her so irritating. I don’t think even Tulsi Virani cried as much as she does. Also we had a sizzling dance number by the vamp to seduce our hero which was above our TV standards. On discussion of this particular scene with my friend only did I realize that it’s a serial which is very popular and deserves some place in the blog.

Like every soap I know how its going to end. Its going to be over immediately as it loses its TRP. They cannot bring the story to an end cause THERE IS NO STORY at all…If this post has brought some interest please do watch this serial. it comes daily at 10 PM. After all, all married people force others to marry as they do not want to be the only people who suffer. So please watch it.

PS: I do not watch this serial but like 60% of the male brethren I am forced to watch it as its dinner time and we do have females in our house.

No, I am not ending it with my regular Cheers!
I would rather say “ Kisika jeevan sapna hai, kisika sapna hai utaran;
Wo nahi samjhe abhi, Kya hoti haiiiii UTARAN”!!!!!


  1. Commendable post!
    Now I see that the monotony has been broken!
    Great attempt.
    Keep it up..!!

  2. finally something out of the regular sarcasm and criticism.. now thats wat i wld call catching up the interest of ur readers.. go ahead and get some more vivid posts.. rather than the regular crying and cribbing ones.. it doesn go wid ur personality u see..!! keep up to the image of enchanting smiling kapil..;)
    great going.. waiting for some more interesting blogs to come up.. better than the daily soaps too...:):)

  3. Chalo roz roz ka rona toh bandh kiya tune philal....change hai aacha hai....par Utaran???chalo 'koshish karne walon ki haar nahi hoti'...koshish aachi thii

  4. guys, i can take the word sarcasm and criticism but rona mat bolo..those were facts of life which i bring up..not cribbing or rona!!!

  5. Sorry how about the word complaint...! I think ur blog topics are much related to ur mood..That time u were in a mood to bring to ur blog the other face of life...This time u have changed for better...Good effort.

  6. Interesting write up..... havent read the previous blogs.... so cannot compare..... but i liked it..... so i guess ill have to read the ones that have already been written and the ones that are going to be written..... :)

  7. did u seriously write this or was it the thesaurus to the rescue.. either ways its well penned.. felt like a book.. but as for the topic.. dude get a life.. now soaps !!!!!!!
    kill me, kill me now...

  8. You seem to have missed the point completely. Instead of focusing on the trivialities of Utaran you should focus more on the changing image of women on Indian Television and through it in real life as well (albeit in urban India only). From the meek and submissive (read unimportant, secondary) characters earlier to the strong, knows- what-she-wants-and-gets-it types now it has been a long journey indeed. Can you ever imagine a woman seducing her husband (in a very filmy way I might add) on Indian Television?
    Now, the man in question, how gay is he? Here you have this extremely hot woman in a saree with pouted lips (seems to be after effects of a lip job horribly gone wrong) throwing herself at him and what does he do? He pours cold water over her (and not in a sexual kind of way). Believe me when I say, this would never happen in real life (by that I mean a man refusing a woman who is practically begging him to have sex with her).
    Coming back to the image of women on TV, I agree with the fact that most of the shows on Indian Television (be it Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, etc) are women centric. Why shouldn’t it be? You market your product to your target audience (that’s marketing 101). More women watch TV then men and the Television Industry gives them what they want. Here I want to ridicule the characters portrayed by most female actors (not ‘actresses’ mind you; apparently it is not politically correct) but I can’t because there is such a barrage of characters that I can’t really say where one ends and the other begins.
    I personally don’t watch much Hindi television, but some shows do have the potential of touching a chord in our hearts, whether it be ‘Ba Bahu aur Baby’ with its overbearing but fair Ba or ‘Bandini’ with its submissive yet intelligent Santo.
    In conclusion, good shows come few and far between and with them come unforgettable characters. Just like all good things in life, they should know when their time is up.


  9. Hey Harikesh, Not that i missed the point but i just din wish this post to be cynical and sarcastic so kept it lite...and i agree with you on the changed indian women image..

  10. i think Harikesh is a better Indian Television Critic than Kapil.. well written DUDE!!!! u shld start writing ur own blogs!! LOL!!! :):):):)

  11. hari dude u shud be writing a blog of ur own. really. i enjoyed ur comments more !

  12. BTW, I am a female and HATE the lead female characters in Utaran. Gosh to portray a strong, just, benevolent female why do they have to produce this female devdas with a hose attached to her eyes and all sadness of earth on her face? Ichchha is the most spineless character (and selfish too since in her decision making Veer never existed!). Her spinelessness is only followed by Gulmantidevi and others. Veer's was a reasonable and rationale character who could see through Tapasya -- but his character is also heading for the slippery slope of displaced brotherly love. The only good acting and believable character remaining therefore is that of Tapasya -- what an irony!

  13. omg! so many comments on your televesion serial post ... thats funny... n we wonder why tv channels are flooding with such kind of shows... only one reason.. people like to watch them and bitch and gossip about them... good job kapil...

  14. I have never watched this serial but i have learned that these kind of serials dont go by stories they go by TRPs so though they start with a good hope for people to watch it but ends abruptly with its TRP due to their unusual or unreal twist and fail to interest viewer further
    Making soaps is no more making stories or entertain people it has become money and fame making business.

  15. I used to watch it when I was India...its actually better than Ekta Kapoor shows as far as Indian Tv Shows go but God they did drag it sooo much which I didn't really think they would coz in the beginning the show had altogehter a different and might I add an interesting pace...after coming to US I couldn't watch it anymore and I don't miss it anymore either coz I know that even if I go back now and watch it I'm sure it'll pretty much be stuck where I left it.


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