Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The 'Negativity'

I know the first few thoughts that come into your mind looking at the title of the post. The blog comes after a month and look at the depressing topic or why can't he write on something else other than negatives of life. Well I have a few answers.

Is it not already so much around us? The negative vibes, the negative feelings, the negative actions. Its there in your personal life, in your corporate life, in your relationships..everywhere. Then why do we run away from it. Why do we still feel we do not want to read on negative thoughts or watch negative movies. We hate movies where we are not entertained. We would love the silly romance where in the end our hero finally gets all that he wants. Real life is different than reel life.Its time we realize that yes negativity is a part of our life. let's for once accept it. Face it. Feel it. Admit to it.No more running away from it.

I had once read ' the only way to solve a problem is by facing it and not running away from it'. With this post all i want is people to realize that running away is not the answer. And there are many places where we don't. When we talk about corporate culture we feel and see the negativity but we cannot run. Cause it pays. We accept it for money. But that attitude of accepting has to be everywhere. Lets accept all those people around us who play games with us, betray us, force us to think negative. Cause only after i accept or admit you in my life , will i be able to fight you.

There is one more reason why i want people to read it.It helps to know that you are not the only person who is suffering from negativity. It surely helps me. So get ready boss, tighten your belt and be ready to fight.

And for people who know me, i know i don't come up to you as a depressed soul the way i portrayed in few posts. But then i need to remove my negativity and frustration somewhere. And one of my good friend had asked me to start writing for the same reason. The way the posts are is the same way life is. At times positive and at times negative. Let us share both. Accept both. And live up to all that is offered.


  1. Good thought !

    Accepting that negativity is everywhere and then fighting against this negativity is one aspect of negativity. Why are we always treating ourselves as victims of negativity. What about negativity inside us?? What about the negativity we have towards people whom we call negative? Just by saying that some people have negative vibes we can't say we are 'positive' ones.

    To fight negativity we need to accept one more thing that negativity also resides in our brains.Hence first step is to get rid of negativity inside us and then blame the negative world around us.


  2. i think if u r positive den everythin n everyone will seem positive 2 u......... well positivity lies within oneself!!! im m a very positive person n tell everyone around me also 2 b positive!!!!! but yes if sumone is negative den make dat person realize that 'no u r livin in a false world'... dont let negative vibrations cum within u!!!! as sumone says IF U LIVE WITH THOSE WHO R LAME, YOU WILL YOURSELF LEARN 2 LIMP.... I AGREE TO DIS!!!!


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