Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The 'SLAP' on Democracy

Yes, i am talking about the recent slapping incident which took place in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly.A few MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) legislators were involved in the shameful violent incident with Abu Azmi as he decided to take oath in Hindi.

We do have a few 'educated' people also who follow and believe in the ideology of Raj Thackeray and MNS.I am just wishing for them to come up and try to defend about what happened, as there are a few questions that we would really like to have answers for.

For starters, how is speaking in one language an insult to another? And why should such an incident happen with someone who was speaking in our national language.? Not that we would get answers to this questions as we all know its more to get into the news more than any kind of love towards the state or its language. Cause Mr Raj Thackeray surely is unaware that being a north Indian staying in Maharashtra from last 24 years i can speak better and fluent Marathi than many normal maharashtrians and the other Marathi people staying outside the state. Are we included in the segment of population the MNS loves cause we know the language?

For those who have rejoiced for the victory of MNS as missing a few basic facts. Yes you did manage to grab 13 seats in your first year which Shivsena couldn't manage and took more than 10 years to get to double figures but was it not more cause you had a settled Marathi vote bank which the Shivsena had created? Did you not just steal the food to eat which was cooked by someone else? And yes you did get 13 seats but have we considered that fact that MNS was also the second largest party with candidates who lost their deposit in the elections. More than 65% candidates lost their deposits. Does it really mean Victory?

MNS won 6 seats in the Mumbai region i.e. half of its total seats won as Mumbai is the region most hit by migrating population. So unless the whole of Maharashtra faces this problem for 20 years after the problem starts i do not foresee the MNS coming into power. And mind it that the chances of the whole state facing this trouble are very bleak. Now i am sure Victory in 13 has started looking a little less.

And though the ideology of MNS is debatable , what surely is not is the way they want their demands to be met. The Slapgate in Mah Assembly is surely a slap on our democracy and a clear signal that this politics of language is not going to help them move ahead. Cause when things are forced people would surely retaliate. A few did by taking the oath in English and a few like me who would avoid use of the language.

We all know what politics is Mr Raj Thackeray but what you would surely wish to know is the way to power. And last but not the least, we all know you are a builder so please assure that from now on all the workers in all your construction sites are "Marathi' speaking. It would help your cause. As the few educated people supporting you would soon find out the double standards.


  1. Dude .. Look at the broader percepective ..

    Mr Amin Patel of Congress took oath in HIndi .. Baba Siddiqui took oath in English .. One other guy took oath in Sanskrit .. At this time, MNS did not create havoc .. Why ?? ..

    Coz Abu Azmi and Raj's animocity exists since long .. And abu Azmi was too stubborn to take his oath in HIndi and he even abused Raj thackrey several times on National TV .. SO that was just a revenge taken by MNS ..

    And Abu Azmi is no saint buddy .. He had his connection with Dawood and it's almost proven that he and his son had hands in Mumbai Blast .. I'm happy that Abu Azmi was beaten up by MNS .. Even though, I dont justify MNS' anti-north indian ideology, today I'm proud that they hv beaten up Abu Azmi .. I expected this from Shiv Sena but MNS is doing the job ..

    I wonder why and how MNS has dented Shivsena's Votebank !!

  2. Hey Soham, agreed Abu azmi was no saint but will you justify the 'reason' MNS used to slap him?
    The other leaders who took oath in English and hindi did it after the incident in protest when the MNS members were already out of the assembly.
    Even if we justify that Azmi deserves beating, then why do we wait for MNS and Shivsena to do the job? If law has to be played with then even we can. Lets not expect others to do it for us.
    The whole 'marathi manoos' votebank is Shivsena's cretion of years. Forget just the votebank, the workers as well as the leaders MNS has, are mostly former Shivsainiks.

  3. I totally agree with you on this Kapil...

    This is a sheer direspectfull behaviour of MNS towards our national language...
    This act is not only a slap to our democracy but is also a slap on the face of the mass speaking other languages than Marathi...

    And if MNS is serious over respecting people speaking marathi; then why this MNS PARTY and its Mr. Raj Thackeray doesn't even have a single word of appreciation or rspect towards the north Indian croud and others from the rest of India who speak Marathi so very well....

    Its just DRAMA with SERIOUS ACTION for being in limelight, winning votes and publicity.....DIRTY POLITICS to be precise...

    BUT for you...Keep it Up...! U write better day-by-day...I appreciate all the aspects of your work.


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