Saturday, 7 July 2012

Blogging Ideas of an Agile mind..

        Blame it on the writer's block or the sudden pace in my life or just my laziness but my blog was been neglected for some time now. Also the fact that I do not write for indiblogger ranks or to please the people but to let out my opinions and feelings contributed to the lull in my blog site. Not that I completely forgot or never came across ideas, just that I did not articulate those ideas into a post.

         Being the 'voice of the guys' that I am, I decided to write an article on men PMSing. Lets face it, we never get an excuse to behave like women do during PMS. We also suffer from similar mood swings, bouts of depression and then the sudden positiveness of life. And I was going through that phase for atleast a month now. So much so that within 5 minutes on a call with my childhood friend I went from showing suicidal tendencies to claiming that everything that happens in life happens for a good reason, just that we find the good behind it later. It was at this moment that I had the brilliant idea of writing about men PMSing just as I had written about 'A Guy's Silence' or 'The Indian Husband' . But life and laziness got the better of me.

              Some time alone also made me ponder on how God balances each and every individual. Something like 'The theory of Balance' that I wrote before. I was thinking that God gave me the looks and the charm and sent me to a country like USA where I could have exploited those ( for those who feel I am bragging or am not good enough, I don care , it is my blog :-) I can write what I feel ) but at the same time he imbibed me with a strong sense of ethics and culture to stop me. He gave me an emotional fragile heart but at the same time the brains that remember every thing, catch the lies and analyze the situation. I am still not sure if God did this to maintain a balance or was he just messing with me. There I go PMSing again. The fact is this topic could have been a nice post but blame it on Kalam refusing to contest the presidential pools that avoided me to write. Comeon you cannot expect me to blame life and my laziness always.

           I also watched the movie 'Ek Ruka Hua Faisla ( A pending decision) which is the Bollywood version of the famous movie '12 Angry men'. The movie was so good . The plot is about how a man  tries to put his point through to people against all the prejudices that people have. He maintains his cool, persuades others and helps people fight their own misconceptions and let's them come out of their parallel universe. I see such people around and know they need help. They need that one guy like in the movie. I decided to write a post on this movie and the topic surrounding it and someday when I am in a mood when my writing will do justice to my thoughts, I shall write about it.

           So friends, the bottom line is the thinking never stops. On the blog or not, we learn new things daily and feel about it strongly. I felt strongly about these ideas and wished to share with you all. Someday more details on all these topics. And finally I also did what I did not for a long time, I wrote a post.



  1. Hey dude...Hats off to your thoughts and the way those are expressed in blogs....

    Even some time i do miss reading yr blogs :) but i strongly feel i should not...Keep writing...

  2. Likhte raho, khush raho.

  3. good u have a blog... the amount of "whts up with u?" tht i learn from ur writing is amazing !!!

  4. Your best post till date...keep writing... :)

  5. Hi,
    I have written much for your other posts but when I read this post, only 3 things came to my (agile) mind.
    I liked the seriousness with which you have written this post;
    I liked the sincerity & trueness of your expressions &
    I loved the boldness of the topic selection.
    Your 2nd & 3rd paras express the unwritten emotions & sentiments confronted at some or the other point of time by you.

    You Simply Rock with this post Kapil.
    Undoubtedly, the best amongst the best post on your blog.
    So that was for your post & for you khush raha karo Kapil.
    Happy Writing!

  6. Kapil,
    Mood swings, bouts of depression and then the sudden positiveness of life are the signs of falling in love dude not PMS!

  7. An image of whatever random thoughts were going on in your mind... its great...and praveen and I miss you.. will call u soon.. take care


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