Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Theory of 'Balance'

There are some people who are born with the qualities of speaking like a shrink whenever and where ever possible.Whether the quality is good or bad depends on the situation. I am one such person.Me along with a few colleagues in my workplace were busy chitchatting ( This is something that we do extra.The company doesn't pay for it) when i came up with my new theory of 'Balance'. Before i start talking about it here, i just googled to find out if any such theory exist. And guess what, It lets first read what that theory definition says as per wikipedia.

Social balance theory is a class of theories within social network theory which attempts to describe how individual desires to reduce affective cognitive dissonance influence in a group of network structures, and that individuals expect to be exposed to balanced social situations. Social balance theory is a tool to observe a social group evolving to a balanced state. It originated in balance theory, as developed by psychologist Fritz Heider. Relations among certain people characterize interactions that occur within a social system. One important component among social agents is "sentiment". These sentiments can result in the emergence of two groups. Disliking exists between the two subgroups within liking agents.

Now that was Like me i assume 95% of the people would not have understood it.Getting back to my theory. I believe the whole universe is based on a simple concept called balance. There has to be balance in everything related to life.When one falls, to balance it out there is someone else who rises.One one poor person sweats there would be someone sitting in an AC office enjoying in place of him and drying his sweat out as there should be balance. I guess this made Einstein come up with his most famous theory that energy and mass are inter-convertible and the total amount of both is always same.

Its not something very uncommon. we face and see it daily in our lives but we hardly notice.We do the work but do not get the credit. Does that mean there is more work than balance. No ways, remember my theory of balance :-) . there is someone else who has taken the credit. Finally its balance. When a girl leaves you , there is someone else who would get her. Balance. When you enjoy the privileges of a servant, someone else slogs it out. Balance.When you lose money, someone earns.These are just a few small daily life examples that will help you relate what the theory is.So simple and yet so complicated.

So henceforth whenever you are down or low, remember that your time would come soon as there has to be balance. But as far as other examples are concerned, you would have to work hard boss otherwise someone else would take the good things to balance it out. After all for God the balance is on the society and not on individuals.

PS: i now hold the patent to this theory.Copy of this theory and usage on your name would breach the copyright rules and you might have to face the consequences for it. Someone would just get bored and hit you for it



  1. "balance is the art of nature" nice blogs

  2. Very nice.....I seriously had a lough on tht wikipedia thing haan.....& i dont knw wot to say bout ur theory....Aachi hai...I agree to u but there is something to disagree too....Disagreement coz: Bhagvad Gita says; "Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana, Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani" not think bout the fruits while performing the deeds; coz our deeds determine us and our destiny. ...
    so i feel those who do good deeds get good fruits it is for sure Theory of 'Balance' - not amongst individuals but amondst karma/deeds......(u may too lol....)

  3. A 23 year old scorpion guy (In 2008 ;-) ) , More matured than his age at times and more childish than his age at other times.

    Balance ? ;-)

  4. wah wah kya baat hai !!!

    It's a good theory .. More realistic one .. But on the philosophical side ..

    U r turning into a philosopher since some of ur last posts .. What's the matter buddy ??


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