Saturday, 1 January 2011

Love, Sex aur Dhoka

 No second guesses, I am indeed talking about the movie. I agree I am a bit late, but better late than never. And for those who think that how depressing it would be to watch this movie on the 31st Night, Let me assure you that the time I watched the movie and wrote the blog it was 31st Morning here and I do not feel anything depressing about the movie as it shows the hard facts of our society, something which I too tend to bring to light.

We all know the movie is basically a combination of three sub stories. One on the honor killings that seem to be becoming more frequent than it should, Second on the MMS scandals which came as a wave in our country specially after the first DPS MMS scandal and third on the so called media and its sting operations.The movie was truly amazing and was as close to reality as it can get. Kudos to the director Dibakar Banerjee. The movie was not considered a hit in the Indian cinema world. I remember when the movie was released it made headlines cause of the bold title. Many of my friends including females went to watch the movie for the title but were not very much impressed with the movie. One of them said she could not tolerate the movie for more than 20 minutes. Not surprising, that is what our mentality is. We want to run away form the real world as far as we can and as fast as we can.

The director of the movie couldn't have done more justice to the movie by the way he combined the 3 stories of the movie. The title was definitely bolder than required; to attract the public; but I would say that was justified. He wanted to send a message across to the sleeping society and he knew to hit the maximum people he had to keep a title that would atleast get people inside the theaters. And not to forget that certain dialogues in the movie though spoken subtly were really hard hitting to the hypocrite world

 In my initial days of blogging I received feedback which said that people do not want to know the facts of life. They do not want to read me whine against the so called civilized society. They wanted something more fun and maybe fiction. But that was something against my motive and so I did not resort to it. But that feedback and the number of people I know about, who are reluctant to follow or read the blog, are because of the same reasons to why the movie did not make it big in the market. One person tried to put alot at stake and makes a movie which shows the hard facts of what is happening in our society. But we do not wish to be woken up. We prefer to play dead and would rather enjoy something that makes us entertain.

It is not a hidden fact that honor killings have become a crude symbol of the caste system in our society and that we do not want to change. We do not give a thought to the people in the MMS scandals. And how the media has been playing with us, has come out after the Niira Radia controversy. And did anyone care to notice that how after being in spotlight for months, the Arushi murder case is now closed by CBI with no suspects. I know a story which came in the first page of Mumbai Mirror. It was a 15 year old accusing 7 people of rape in the slums of Kurla. One of the accused was a 70 year old man. 5 days later the medical reports said that the girl was still a virgin. Any guesses where this story came in the paper? On the 5th page on one small corner. That is how the media plays and portrays the society.

 And guess what we are more than happy with it. We do not want to be shown the truth. We are scared of it. And so we do not prefer people who speak hard facts, who get this things into light and nor do we find such movies interesting. We are a bunch of selfish people who are content with the way we live, struggle and die. We care a damn about others or the society. But we forget that in the long run our kids are going to be a part of this society which would have turned into a menace because we did not care to stop nor did we bother to come to light. We preferred to turn our back to the facts of life.

Like many other so called controversial blogs of mine, I am sure even this one would not be well received or liked. But its time I stop caring about what people require to read. I would prefer doing my part for the society. Some day there would be more people who would not turn their back to these facts of our society and take time to ponder and if possible find solutions to it. That day will come!!!

PS: I would like to sincerely request all people who liked the blog or thought to not only comment here but also to spread it to others they can. This is cause I would like this message to reach far and wide. It's time WE FACE THE PROBLEMS!!!!!!


  1. Journalism on Critic side indeed could have been a second career option for you...
    Very true and well written Kapil but Alas! not well read.
    I would not fail to say that u have undertaken 'A Small but surely a MEANINGFUL DEED' for the society...
    I stand by you for the deed and hope slowly 'That day will come' when the others will also stand by the cause...
    Well written once again & I would maintain that u r a good critic...

  2. Nice blog Kapil..Its good that in a society where people are either scared or not bothered to speak about these hard facts of life, people like you attempt to spread the message to others..Well written..


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