Thursday, 11 November 2010

Search for India's Obama

  No, its not a new TV reality hunt show as the trend has been in India. It's just a thought that came across my mind after i watched the video of Obama speaking in front on the Indian Parliament. I would strongly suggest before you go further in the post, Spend 30 minutes of your time to listen to one of the great orators of these times and arguably the strongest person on planet earth, the president of the USA.

  Now if you would have carefully observed, only then will you realize that though the speech looks like is spoken impromptu or mugged up, its not. He does actually have a book below, but he did not care to look below for more than 2 times in the entire 30 minute speech. Spoke with a passion, spoke like a true leader and spoke whatever he wanted to. He has a charm and great oratory skills apart from the power the position gives him. Anyway the post is not about how good Obama is but the search for an Indian Obama.

  Compare this speech to the speech our respected PM Mr Manmohan Singh gives. A guy who is reading from a bunch of papers and speaks with no vigor or enthusiasm. The voice is low with no tonal gradations. He is a great economist but the weakest PM we ever had. He speaks and looks all like the rubber stamp PM that he is. I would not blame the world if they do not take India seriously. The man representing us does not speak with the dynamism that the country beholds. But is it only him?? Let us talk about our future PM Mr Rahul Gandhi. ( I am convinced the country is again going to vote in favour of a Gandhi, And one of the reason they will do so is cause we are out of options). We all remember how Rahul goes to places and mingles with the young crowd. He would have done alot of things in the small political career he has. But all these are planned by the real brains of Congress. The brains who know how this country has to be ruled. Do we remember one great speech from this guy? He was almost dumb before Madam decided to groom his personality so that he can be the next PM. I am sure our next leader is also going to be as lame as the current one.

  The opposition BJP had one of the greatest orators of all time, Mr Vajpayee. A man whom the world respected for his oratory skills and persona. But there has been no replacement to this guy. The second string BJP leaders do have a few good orators like Modi and Sushma Swaraj, but until one of them evolves to be the leader at the country level, we are shooting in the dark if we hope they can end our search. The problem has been that the BJP second string leaders always behaved like crabs. As soon as one wished to go up, the others pulled him down. And this is one of the greatest reasons why we do not have a strong opposition. Speakers like Lalu can be said as good, but only in their style. You cannot expect them to represent the country at an international level specially if we are portraying our self as the next probable super power.

   Regionally we might have few good orators but the politics or agenda they have may not help them evolve to a national level. I know of a certain Raj Thackeray who can impress a few with his oratory skills but the agenda of his party is more in dividing the country. He will not come in power even in the state of Maharashtra, forget dreaming about national level. Same applies for other good orators at regional levels.

   So when a leader like Obama comes to my country and speaks, it makes me wonder, if we ever will be able to find the Indian Obama. Somebody who would have the charm and the skills to lead the country. Someone who can represent us globally and speak with the same passion and authority in which Mr Obama did. I have mentioned this before and i will repeat it. We do have the capability of being the next super power provided we change the attitude. Let us have at least one leader in the forties who can speak with the same skills like Obama does. As I sincerely do not expect people in the seventies and eighties capable to show the energy and agility that the global level demands. Its time for you to rest, and not lead the country to darkness.

 I had heard of a saying which said, your team is only as weak as your weakest link. I will modify and say, your country is only as powerful as your leader is. I hope this search ends soon. I hope we have someone whom the world listens, applauds and respects. Cause I still dream of making my country the best in the world.



  1. Nice Post....Hmmn..yes i agree that Rahul Gandhi can be next PM(?) with good oratory skills.....based on my understanding rahul won't get to PM until Sonia becomes too old...Congress uses on Gandhi at a currently they are counting on Sonia and once her era goes out they will move to Rahul...and that time Rahul will be above 50 for let's hope for the't not only oratory skills but also the vision to lead the country far as Rahul Gandhi is seen so far..he does stunts by directly going in public and all but his statements have always created contraversies..anyways...politics is a too deep sea....don't know who will come up & go down when..overall nice post...good thought....looking forward for a post on 26/11...approaching soon..

  2. Good one. I agree that we need a dynamic leader who should be having good oratory skills and also smart in the dealing problems.
    - Mohan

  3. Nice Post.Wish the search ends soon...


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