Friday, 5 November 2010

The day I turned 25

I can understand the importance of 21 as you get the right to marry. I can understand 18 as you get the right to vote. I can understand 16 as its supposedly the sweetest age. I can understand 40 as its the onset of the decline of your youth. But i still do not understand what is so special about 25 apart from the fact that its the silver jubilee year. For those who failed to guess, I turned 25; completed my silver jubilee; on the 3rd of November. Ya fine, I will change my age in the profile in the blog.

The importance of my age was first shown by my mom. She asked me after wishing; "So how old are you now?" I was surprised to hear this, I thought how can my mom forget my age, then it struck me that she cannot, she is just trying to prove the importance of the year. And then one of my friend who is so scared of the number. She probably would remain 24 n half till she turns 30 kept reminding me that I am getting old.

Ok, I was talking about my day. With the time difference between India and here I was expecting some confusion among well wishers on the time to wish. Confusion prevailed. I did not have much expectations this year knowing the fact that this is my first birthday when I am away from home. I know for a fact that there are a few people on this world who would make me feel special on my day. Some of them did while some tried. But I am always thankful to God for giving me such people in my life. Got a fewer calls this time than normal and lil more mails. I, personally, do not take offence from my friends if they forget my birthday as I know myself.I am so bad with dates that some day I might even forget mine. So the day was pretty much normal with a few of them calling , few who I know might have remembered but couldn't reach me, few who were just unaware of the day and few who might have known but still did not call for some reasons. Thanks to all of them except the third and fourth kinds of people in the list ;-)

I tried to gamble on my birthday. I decided to take the driving test to get a license in USA. Now for those who are unaware, its not easy. I did clear my written earlier but then I gambled to take the actual driving test without training from a school. Thanks to the kind hearted American couple (Mary and Tim) who taught me driving by letting me drive for lunch for a week. I would not have expected an Indian here to help me learn to drive with their cars. This couple did dared. On my birthday, Tim took me to the DMV and we took the test. Ohh common, do I need to mention I passed. :-). It was a gamble, I risked failing at something on my special day but with some luck I did not. I am really grateful to Tim and Mary and we have agreed to go out to an Indian Restaurant as my birthday and passing treat.

Among the people I know here, none were aware of the day. We did have a few cake cuttings here in the past in which , the typical me, created a hype about my birthday. I assured them a treat if i get some real expensive gift. But on the day and the week, I was all quiet about it. Only during dinner, did I mention it to my flat mate that it's my birthday today. I know some of you might be thinking what sadistic pleasure it gives to keep it hidden when people were talking about it and wanted to know. I can understand your thoughts but still I get a kick out of

All in all, a day like any other birthdays I will not forget. (Please do not take it seriously, I do not remember anything of my birthday except the past 2 years. That is how much my memory span is). So I celebrated my silver jubilee, in peace and in a calm way. God! I am getting old. Help!!!!



  1. Happy B'day Kapil !

    Now it's the time join our club which is called "Marriage" ..

  2. Thanks Soham...Not so soon buddy..that club is dangerous

  3. Happy Birthday dear..... i apologise for having missed to wish on the correct day......

  4. As usual this was expected from u...Belated happy birthday....i feel sad to say that u did'nt even shared the date with us...

  5. Belated..Happy birthday...hope u checked your emails... :)

  6. @ manisha and payal - Thanks
    @ suman - common its nothing to be sad about. Birthdays are supposed to be found out as an effort to know the person. You know our thinkings do not match bhabhi. he he
    @ sujata - Thanks. I did reply back to your wishes on email

  7. @ all - It seems i do have more readers than followers. Common i do not see any harm in following a blog if you read it. I seriously do not want to continue sending blog updated emails. But i cant stop it till i am satisfied that i would not miss the readers. so please follow. :-)

  8. oye oldie. stop the publicity. senior citizens should behave matured. hahaha

    u dnt remember bdays since 2006 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! say tht agn. how ungrateful...

    except the gamble ur day was not eventful at all. i thot i asked u to make it as memorable for urself as u possibly cud. well u dint but i did. i made it memorable for myself. u know hw na. i'll send u the pics soon.

    n no1 publishes their own birthday. thts normal. we alwaz expct ppl tp know.

    u shud have atleast got ur hair coloured if not anything else. it wears out in like 3 months.

    pen down 25things tht u need to do before u turn 30 n give the post good thot n make sure u do 5things each year so u complete those 25 things.

    go slightly wild atleast in print.

    resolve to breathe n exhale some more if u know wht i mean.

    try new things(within the limits of decency). u have a lot of free time on hand.

    k oldman. u r finally reaching the destination tht u have dreamt of since ur bro got hitched. ? ur own wedding. start preparing urself. lol


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