Thursday, 1 April 2010

Knowing ' too' much....

I always wondered on the saying 'Ignorance is bliss'.Never quite agreed to it but off late have given it a few thoughts and have started to view the positive side of ignorance or maybe the negatives of knowing too much.Not that i plan to implement it in my life soon but it did deserve enough for me to pen it down.

One of my friend told me this a few weeks ago, 'Kapil,you would never be able to do a love marriage as you know people too much'.I am still undecided on whether its good or bad. Yes,i agree i read people like books as its one of my passion and i love to do so.But lets not concentrate on the marriage part of the comment as that's a different topic but on the 'knowing too much' part.And yes at times knowing too much about anything (people included) does get the fun part out of it and gets negative.

Even in the simpler facts of life it affects.Now we all get happy when we see the government constructing roads in the month of march, we feel its to make the roads ready for monsoon. Knowing too much is when we know they are doing it to show some expenses on the budget as the financial year is closing.We are pleased when we see so much money spent on commonwealth games for the development of sports that they now require loan waivers.Knowing too much is when we know that this money has gone to corrupt officials and the wavier by government will come as the money would go from us- the taxpayers. Just 2 small examples and we are not pleased anymore.Its the same about people.

May be that is the reason why we are told humans should not be analysed or judged.i agree on the judgement part but not on the analysis part. As most of us do not know more than what we think we should and so the judgement goes wrong. But common guys analysing is not bad. And why should we not analyse humans on their behaviour and emotions when we constantly do so on their looks and body.And both genders do it on equal terms its just that the analysis is on different parts and types.

Coming back on the topic, Knowing too much has thus started to affect me in the negative sense. Its taking the fun out of everything. And the more you know about people the worse it gets. No wonder the so called 'practical' people are happy not only cause they do not bother but also cause they do not know or do not wish to know.

And please for people who would come up with suggestion that so please do not know too much about people or bother too much as it only makes matter worse, I do not think i or anybody like me should plan to change. We know too much and so our expectations from people normally turn out to be true. And this is the way we are, why should we change. Who knows the way people management skills are rated so high, there would be a time when we would be in demand and would be the domain experts in it.Someday it would help our finances too :-)
See, there is positivity and money in everything :-)


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  1. Please read my comments below:
    1.The topic was good but you could have dug into it more deeply. You touched it just tangantially.
    2.The examples could have been better.
    3. Article is not so well organized.
    4. Lot of mistakes grammatical etc.

    I am being blunt I know. It stings.


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