Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Kuch Padhai Ho Jaaye

             “Main padhonnga, likhoonga aur ek din bahut bada doctor banoonga” (I shall read, write and someday be a good doctor). Somehow the line stuck and I decided to be a Doctor. The problem was I was not meant to study. Back in the day, I remember this being the slogan of my country, India’s, literacy campaign and how it piqued my interest, thereby making me decide to be a Doctor. Later I thought studying till you breathe your last was the norm in the field of medicine and incidentally, yours truly was never wired to connect with studies.

               They say, when God sends you down and gives you some qualities, he measures which ones you would actually need. In my case, he must have thought, “You will be born in a middle class background in a country that is obsessed with education. So, here are the qualities I want to give you. Take intelligence, honesty, determination, perseverance, incandescent talent of course and the will to study.” But just when he was giving the last quality, I think I ran to the bathroom.

                Every night when I go to bed, I envisage my tomorrow to be better than my yesterday or today. Tomorrow will begin the new phase of my life. From tomorrow, I will study for at least a few hours just like most around me are doing right now. But that ‘tomorrow’ never comes and this goes on and on until I realize that I’m good at making such bumper decisions.  It’s late and I slowly slip into a Good Night’s sleep. 

              It’s not that I do not want to study. I do want to. You see, I’m a hopeful sprig of 28 and high on capabilities. I can sit on a couch like an atom of dust with my books open and… It’s just that God missed giving me the quality of learning something from my study materials. If only he had thought, “You do the studying and I’ll be the brain!” Anyhow,  no sooner I sit down to study than something really  important  creeps in.  For instance, “Oh my god, I did not watch that movie trailer yet!”; “Oh I had to make that phone call!” or sometimes even the fact that “my water bottle is empty, it needs to be refilled.  Let me first do this and then I will study.” And these small but important tasks lead to another keep piling on and hours pass by before it’s time to do something more important again.

            The flair that I have to avoid studies, the expertise with which I do this job and the commitment I show towards not studying is commendable.  If only I had these toward something more meaningful - like not opening my mouth to tell people the truth because they hate it - would have done me so good.

            This post just happens to come at a time when I had a much needed holiday.  I had decided to study from morning through the night but failed to open my book till 8:15 PM. At 8:15 I decided to study and then thought its 15-20 minutes post which I will have to go for dinner. Ergo, I will study post dinner.  By the time I was done with my supper and other important things, it was time to hit the sack and as usual I decided, “From Tomorrow I will…Pakka”



  1. Ya know buddy? I'm so very you. I'm a student too. Well, you know that obviously. In my field, we don't have to "study" about anything, unless we are holding law books in our hands. I pick up my share of law books from such old libraries here, chalk up a plan to leaf through its pages from so-and-so hours to so-and-so hours and promise myself that I wouldn't shake a bit even though there is an announcement that a comet is soon going to slam the Earth that would doom us all. But instead, like a moron, I plonk on my bed and start smelling the pages of the book. How CRAPtastically SHITacular is that? Yes, I love the fragrance of old books, especially if they are brought from a library. I soak myself in that retarded dilemma for couple of minutes and then sleep off for hours together, making it look as if that fragrance sedated me. There is more. You ran to the bathroom? I'm sure when God was showering the quality of "love studying" on me, I was standing there holding an open umbrella. When I was in school, I did not always had the time to study. But when I did, I didn't. Nothing has changed even now. Story of my life. It's 9.30 pm. I've to fill up an assignment. Oh wait...need to watch the last three episodes of Breaking Bad. "From tomorrow I will...Pakka" ;)

  2. I'm so happy im out of this studying phase in life. Sometimes when im idly watching tv at home I do remember the days in school when I could never enjoy any activity wholly because there was always studying to be done. I just hope that one of these days when you get the thought "Oh I had to make that phone call", it's my phone that rings.

  3. It's student life!! Enjoy till it lasts!


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