Friday, 24 August 2012

All Ye Who Enter...

             Yup, the title is coming from the line you would see on hell's gate 'Abandon Hope, all ye who enter here'. But Hell is not what I mean here. I was talking about all the people who enter in your life. They might stay or they may leave. The experiences may be happy or may be sad. But they all enter you life and help you learn or help you grow. I had heard of the phrase that people enter your life for a reason or a season or lifetime. I kinda feel that no matter what their length of stay is, they all enter for a reason.

              In one of the movies they say, whenever you fall do not forget the reason. Same holds true for the people in our lives. One of my male friends, who is a good guy actually, had a girl who liked him alot.But he always ignored the girl. Would not accept her calls for a reason as simple as watching a movie which could be paused. A few years later, he started liking another girl who treated him the same way. Now like any other guy, he could have just cussed about it but as I mentioned he was a Good guy. He realized how he had been on the other side before. He learnt his lesson. The girl in his life might have given him some pain but she did teach him a valuable thing. He would be a better man now.

              This also leads me into what we Hindus believe. We believe that there is no heaven or hell after we die. Both are faced in this planet earth itself, when we live. We believe in Karma and that Karma is a bitch ofcourse. For every good deed you do, Every good Karma, you get good in return. May not be from the same person but you do get good things back. Same holds true for all the wrongs we do. I love this concept. This is how God maintains a balance. This also means that all those people who enter our life and do good/bad is actually coz of the good/bad we did before. Someone who enters your life and treats you like shit is not actually his fault. He was there just to give you a lesson for your Karma. And his time will come later. May not from you but it will.

               One should therefore never blame the people. And should always remember the reason they came in your life. I know a friend of mine who was an under confident shy teenager till he fell in love. He had one of those epic love stories but in the end they had to quit. Not coz they fell out of love but coz of other reasons. Whenever he feels sad or feels like cussing the girl who left him, I remind him that the super cool awesome and confident guy that he is, is just cause the girl came in your life at the right time and made you what you are. And he agrees.

             I always had this notion and could also be said as conclusion from observation that girls in USA are so unlike Indian women.They do not want to compromise. The concept of sacrifice is rare. But just when I am in my final few weeks of journey in this country, I became good friends with a good looking blonde in my office. She is recently engaged to a guy who does not reside in US. He is away from USA in his home country from last 1.5 years and the girl still patiently waits and loves him. A country where PDA or physical intimacy is of paramount importance, such example gives you a new vision. It opened my eyes and mind. She probably entered my life so that when I leave, I do not leave with my established notion.

          Maybe it is time for us to think of those reasons and thank all the people we have in our life or were a part of our life. Good or bad, they help us grow. They help us learn. All I wanted from the post is to help you guys think...



  1. wellll said! i love the optimism in this post. im glad u think this way.

  2. Mr. Gosain, u r turning into a kickass writer !

  3. Jai Ho Prabhujiiiiiii !!
    Krishna Avtaar, Mahagyani, Kapilswami Gosain Maharaaj ki Jaiiiii !!

  4. Very nicely written post !! .. Loved the tone of the post !! .. Interesting :)

  5. The post looks appealing and is heavy with 'hope'!!! Good work Kapil and good luck!!!

  6. superb understanding of philosophy of life and at this young age too!thanks for putting it so well in a youngster's language that is going to help many wishes.


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