Friday, 18 May 2012

My Facebook Profile pic

              Once upon a time ( that is how most of the bedtime stories or fairy tales start) people clicked photos for the memories attached to it. They were seen in albums kept in storage areas once a year and smiled upon. These days we click photos just to put it on facebook. Fortunately since I do not have a facebook profile, I do not go under immense pressure to pose like a stud every time someone is clicking a photo.

              Facebook profile pics are deceptive. And we might hardly have people who would disagree with this fact. How many times have we seen the most awesome looking girl on facebook to be an average looking girl in the real world? I don't know about others but I have been deceived far too many times to keep the count. As if the pic is of the same person but in some other parallel universe. Perhaps the movie DejaVu was not fiction after all. There does exist a universe parallel to this which is known to most fb users. They go there every month to get their photos taken so that they could be uploaded on fb.

             I only wish if people looked the way the fb profile pic is. I would have loved the world. Not that I am a materialistic mcp who does not value inner beauty but comeon who would hate to see only beautiful faces around.Even the Lords had only beautiful people around. I have never seen an average looking dancer whenever they showed Indra's palace in television serials.

             The poses I see on fb would make SRK hang his head in shame.The plain Jane next door girl I remember from school suddenly looks like the hottest chick in town. The regret of missing the bus in school overrides other feelings.And then the school reunion brings you back to reality.You start getting the confidence back on the decisions you took.One more strange thing I have noticed is no matter how the fb pic of a girl is, she will surely get likes and superlikes from guys, but more on that when I write on the gender discrimination on fb.

               Most of the rant also comes because of the fact that I am the rare unlucky person whose pics look worse than the already bad God gifted face.Only if someone showed me the door to that parallel universe. Only if I could have gone back a few years and saved a pic when I actually looked cute.( before you judge, all kids look cute). Anyway the bottom line my friends is that never judge a book by the cover if the cover you talk about is the facebook profile pic ;-)

PS: The hypocrite that I am, I am attaching the pic I would have used as my fb profile pic.

Cheers!! Give my pic some likes please!! ;-)


  1. 'Like'd and 'Share'd :)

  2. Good take on the Fake Book and I do agree that we have more editing tools than photography equipments these days...

  3. I believe that it is another entrance for others to get in..either in your life or in your friendship world..and who will not want to greet people with a smile and glittering things..whenever we have function at home, let it be a birthday party for a 5 yr or a 60 yr....we do decorate our house, clean the mess, put nice songs, spray some air freshner etc...the point is, we want to greet people with smile and we want to make them feel good when they get in.....i think this is another way of greeting people ..and of course it has to be the way people will feel comfortable....who would want to see Aishwarya's bald head photo ?..even if she is beautiful already, we would still want to see her dressed in a glamorous dress it is about greeting people and ofcourse we would want to do different things that we would have not done otherwise....this is one of them.........more so over, you still got happy to see that hot chik and went to school reunion right...what if she would have really looked that way in would have praised fb for sure :)...enjoy is always better to see beauty than beast...

  4. Everything has it pros and cons the same is with facebook, you fake your face in the book because the world cannot face you

    the pic you have posted is great, i would suggest you moving a bit to the right so that the girls could be better accommodated ;)

    Nice post.. the word FAKE BOOK is good

  5. Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad

  6. the FB profile pic is equivalent to the one photo which was to be made into 100 copies and sent to prospective grooms, decades back. In that pic every girl looked like an apsara and every boy Dev Anand. The 'shadi ka phottu' has been replaced by "FB Profile Pic'. Both from a parallel universe as you mention it :)

  7. i agree, it is fakebook all the way!!!!

  8. i like it <3.. crop it before uploading it to cut out the unwanted scenery..

    1. FB pe daala na toh wo unwanted scenery k wajah se jyada likes


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