Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hey Pak, We SHOULD NOT and we WILL NOT Attack you!!

As a proud Mumbaikar I go through this turmoil more often than others. Mumbai is a city that is attacked the most number of times by terrorists. Every alternate year there is either a terrorist shooting or a bomb blast. We lose lives but we still get up. Some might say it’s cowardly, some say it’s the spirit. I agree. It’s actually both. This is something common between me and my city. We both have the spirit that says, 'You can push me down but you cannot keep me there' and we both are coward at times because we weigh in the options and needs before action.

            Now let’s come on the topic. So every time there is an attack on Mumbai, the youth comes into action. We get agitated, come out on roads, Post our anger on public networking sites and demand an action on Pakistan who is sponsoring all the terrorism and harboring the terrorists. No doubt that is true. With Laden killed in Pakistan near the Pak Military headquarters, no country will oppose this fact and might not stand in our way if we decide to go on a war with Pakistan and try to remove it from the world map which most of us may want. But there are strong reasons why we should not do that.

            No matter how much we deny it always comes up to money for everything. Most of the political and social decisions in the world are made for financial reasons. And this is one of the reasons why we should not go on a war with Pakistan. Not that we do not have the money to do so but cause we have better things to do with that. Pakistan today is a failed economy and a failed democracy. Its existence will depend on a war with India. Hoping that if we initiate the war some countries might lend them monetary support. They need a war and we so do not. War in itself is a horrible thing for innocent lives and it’s after effect is worse than the actual period. Most European economies could not recover from World War 2 yet and it was this war which gave rise to the current super power in the world.

            Perhaps some may argue that since I am not directly affected by terrorist attack I am saying such things. And I agree. If I would have lost a dear one in such a cowardly terrorist attack, trust me I would have wanted blood. But that is because I am human, a single individual and that is the difference between individuals and a government. The finance ministry knows that war is something that will not boost our economy. Rather it will boost economies like Pakistan, China and US.

            No, I do not want us to just keep quiet and accept what is happening. It definitely is the time to do something. But that something is not war. If we would have used only half the money that we made doing 2G scams or Commonwealth scams and put that money into Intelligence or defense, we could have saved the blasts. And perhaps that would be the right way to go. We need to kill them in the bud and for that our Intelligence has to grow. Ask for Change not for War!!

PS: I am not a very peace loving person but I would prefer not doing something that my enemy really wants me to do.

Please pitch in your thoughts!!



  1. Hmmm...agree with u on financial reasons for no war...but we need to make use of such attacks strongly in UN and gain monetory benefits for ourselves for doing war...I think we have enough evidence that these activities are done by neighbouring nation and we need some action against it and need UN's support. if not UN then the super power.....We need to move in some direction or the other...and if these things are beyond control then atleast do what is in our control and that is implement the orders of supreme court to hang the birthday boy and mr guru.....I am sure everyone got to know by now that 13th July is Mr Kasab;s birthday..and they celebrated it for him.....What more you need for a country to take some action against these guys. Is there any way to do Operation Blue Star again ? ..

  2. Read your blog and I completely agree with you... People become emotional and tempers run high when such ghastly events happen. We then all get into 'Paki bashing' mode with things like wiping Pakistan off the face of the earth. I myself have been guilty of doing such things.

    However, when things cool down, I put on my economist's hat and look at the situation unbiased. I realise that we have all to loose it a war occurred. Our economy will slow down drastically and others will eat into our share of profits. It would be a doomsday scenario for India.

    The only thing that we can do and something that we have been doing successfully in the past is to isolate Pakistan at the international level and fight them through diplomacy and proxy. Mind you, we have been very successful at beating Pakistan through diplomatic and political manoeuvres.

  3. Current govt is always incompetent in taking action against terror attacks. When govt can not take action against the terrorist who had already cought, then where is no question of attacking some other terror supporting country?.

    Indian govt. never shows any respect for their own citizens. US Govt. can hang Saddam who was ruler of one country in just 1 day and our govt can not hang one bastard terrorist in 2 years?? wat the f*** !!!

  4. Though you are writing on NO war against Pak my blood started pumping high as I was reading this post...
    5 years back on 11July in the series of train blasts my mum was in next compartment of 1st blast near Mira-Bhyandar. She walked though the dead bodies and flooding blood through tracks to Naigaon and took another train to Vasai... That's bcoz we(my family) was lucky that she was 30 Ft away from the bomb with 10s of people between her and that bomb... Not lucky for those who died and were injured...

    You said you might ask for blood if u loose sum1... But I am asking for blood just by thinking what if the bomber was close to my mom that day...
    Do we have to wait till we loose sum1 to ask for blood????

    I don't think we need monetry help from UN or any other nation to attack PAK... All the fcuking scams and black money in Swis bank owned by azzhole politicians needs to be used to do this... Even after using the money for war there will be billions left to use for healing the wounds of war and to support the nation...

  5. Parashar calm down...I agree with you that we should not wait till we loose a dear one but tell me, while in war wots the assurity that you might not loose someone dear to you....?

    There should be action against them but that action cant be war...
    There'll be n nos of pple who'll loose life during war...the innocent ones.

  6. if not war then what 'other action' can someone please throw some light???? coz whatever it may be it is definitely not stopping them from facilitating terrorist into our country to do their job every few years..

    n if by 'innocent ones' u mean civilians i dont understand how a war at the border (probably) will affect civilians!!!! n if it does (thru air strikes may be), shud i for the fear of losing loved ones in a war chose to live with terrorist attacks instead... probably that's a natural phenomenon coz now it keeps happening every few years, so i shud be ok with tht no matter how many times it happens but still not resort to war coz its better to lose dear ones in terrorist attacks but not at wars..

    n if by innocent you mean our armed forces then by that logic we shudnt be fighting any war at all.. true we never initiate any war but when under attack we'd rather just give in to their demands so as to avoid war than fight back !!!!!!!

    better still a more fitting payback("other action"!!!!!!!!) would be to send a terrorist into their country to do the same.. i mean sure "innocent" civilians of their country may be affected but thats fine coz it is payback after all, right???? GOD forbid we go to war and the any ("innocent"!!!!) member of the actual menacing forces working against us at the border who may actually be involved in training theese terrorist has to lose his life !!!! GOD forbid!!! yes yes, now i see y that action cant be war !!!!!

    trying to avoid war for economic reasons is understandable but i suggest ppl shud atleast bounce their opinion off someone before posting SILLY comments..

    go n talk to a person who has lost a loved one in each of these terror strikes.. then go and ask the jawans of the nation whose civilians have been attacked time and again, of what they would like to do to the neighbors harvesting these elements...

  7. Look its like that any one steps up will be that corrupt only,
    be it congress or bjp or any other party. Whom should we trust? its just like the HR of any company in an induction who promises u alot.
    But we surely dont have any other option but to trust Anna atleast he is trying. Agree that the crowd involves people who are corrupt. But u cant stay without it.. its become a part and parcel of India now.


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